Nigerian Dwarf Does



Caramel Apple Farm Jill


Caramel Apple Farm Jill. Photo courtesy of Prairie Hills Farm.


DOB:  21 April 2011

Sire:  Dusty Acres Big Enuf
Grand Sire:  Dusty Acres Little Dude
Grand Dam:  Dusty Acres Blue Fire

Dam:  Dusty Acres Sweet Pea
Grand Sire:  Dusty Acres Gold Dust
Grand Dam:  Shambala Nichole

Jill is my all time favorite milker.  She and I are the best of friends.  She is one of my top milkers and has super sweet milk with high butter fat like her mother.  She is trained to the stand and is one of the easiest for hand milking.

Jill generally twins and is one of my goats that I typically milk through the winter each year.  She has argued with me at 13 months into her lactation and 3 months pregnant for her next kids about drying off.  I have a fight drying her off each year as she is just a super milk goat who wants to milk.

She loves animal cookies and bits of kale.  She isn’t too excited about watermelon though.

Dusty Acres Sweet Pea. Photo courtesy of Prairie Hills Farm.



Amasanti Lulu Lemon


DOB:  16 April 2015

Sire:  Dragonfly ASA Troubadour
Grand Sire:  Dragonfly G Mighty King Asa *S
Grand Dam:  Dragonfly IH Peregrin *D E AR2629

Dam: Amasanti OB Cygnus
Grand Sire:  Kyeema Ridge AJ Oberon
Grand Dam:  Kyeema Ridge Corona

This lovely polled doe is newer in our herd.  We are looking forward to having her kid here with us for the first time.  She came to us just after she had freshened on her First Freshen with twins.  She milked for us on that lactation of just a little over a full year before drying off.  Now it is just time to wait for new kids to arrive.

We do like the top line of this doe and her more level rear.  She is nice and wide as well as long bodied.  She expresses easily and after training has become one of the does that likes to be milked on the stand.  She is quieter and usually one of the most mellow of the goats in the herd.





Dusty Acres CAF Amber


Dusty Acres CAF Amber
Dusty Acres CAF Amber. Photo courtesy of Prairie Hills Farm.


DOB:  19 May 2010

Sire:  St. Isidore Acres Beelzebub
Grand Sire:  TX Twincreeks WDF Neptunite *S
Grand Dam:  Kids KBar Barite

Dam:  Thunder Ridge Farm Turtle
Grand Sire:  Wild Columbine Legolas
Grand Dam:  Thunder Ridge Farm Rosemary

Amber is one of my top producing does.  She has sweet milk with higher butter fat.  Her teats are larger and easy for hand milking.  She is trained to the stand and I typically milk her through the winter each year with a 10-13 month lactation.  She usually gives me triplets each year and just needs me to to dry them off as they come out fast.  After drying off, I am relegated to photo taker only as she is more than capable and I am just in her way.  She adores animal crackers….. there isn’t much that she doesn’t like to eat.




Prairie Hills Farm Precious


Prairie Hills Farm Precious


DOB: 31 May 2013

Sire:  Bernhardt’s Barn Gandolf
Grand Sire: DF Farms NH National Park
Grand Dam:  Findley Ridge Cocoa Creama
Dam:  Dusty Acres CAF Amber
Grand Sire:  St. Isidore Acres Beelzebub
Grand Dam:  Thunder Ridge Farm Turtle

Prairie Hills Farm Precious is one of a set of triplets.  She is a stunning doe with her lovely flashes of white, long body composition, and soft sweet demeanor.  She truly is Precious.   Her sire, Gandolf brings some Dragonfly and DesertNanny genetics to my herd.  Gandolf is also a very white buck and I am hoping to add more white to my herd from a color standpoint.  Being that her dam is a Dusty Acres Doe who has the trademark sweet cream taste with high butter fat, I have very high hopes for this little darling.  She kidded with twins for her first freshening.  She was an utter breeze training to the milk stand, has a nice large udder good sized teats and expresses very easily. Absolutely fab for a FF and I can’t wait to see what she does next year or what her doeling that we retained  accomplishes.

Dusty Acres CAF Amber. Photo courtesy of Prairie Hills Farm.
Bernhardt’s Barn Gandolf. (kid photo) Photo courtesy of Prairie Hills Farm.



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