Some of our llamas.


 Stage Stop Glenda. ILR#278923. Born August 16, 2009. Dam Vasa View’s Velocity LL-R240918-USA. Sire Stage Stop Witch Doctor LL-R264764-USA. Glenda has been bred and had a female cria in 2013. Cria was lost due to combination of extreme heat and interference by a dog. Glenda had a male cria Sept, 2015.  Both crias were black with a white spot on their head like Glenda.Glenda comes from excellent blood lines and has a super fine fleece. She is about the closest to a single coat llama that I have seen. A lovely Silkie fiber. Beautiful Black.  Halter and lead trained including some obstacle course training.

In For A Dollar-For Sale $1200 obo

In For A Dollar
In For A Dollar aka Dolly
Stage Stop In for a Dollar.  ILR#282041.  Born June 4, 2010.  Dam Pennie for Your Thoughts LL-R171941-USA.  Sire WCF Duracell LL-R262184-USA.Dolly has a dual coat fleece that is very nice. Any guard hair is so fine, I do not have to de hair her coat.  Her fiber has bounce and crimp. It is one of my favorite fleeces.Halter and lead trained including some obstacle course training.

Enchantment-For Sale $1200 obo

 Stage Stop Fantasia’s Enchantment.  ILR#283773.  Dam WWW Fantasco’s Fantasia  LL-R190241-USA.  Sire Silver Enchantor LL-R252197-DNA-USA.  Born July 14, 2011.Enchantment is a beautiful white that is a silkie coat.  She is a curious llama with a gentle manner.Halter and lead trained including some obstacle course training.


Helena just sheared 2013.
StageStop Helena ILR#284105 born June 20, 2001. Female. Dilute brown, grey and white. Dam MV Naomi LL-R226452-USA. Sire WCF Duracell LL-R262184-USAThis beauty has a springy lofty fiber.  Easy to spin and very personable.  She does enjoy a pet and sniff and will come closer than any of my other llamas.  Non llama people are always amazed at how friendly she is and how easily I can handle her.

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