Alba Ranch and all the critters have moved.  We are now currently in New Era, MI. This is in the middle of cherry, apple and asparagus country only 5 miles from Lake Michigan. We have a lovely 20 acres complete with springs, stream, and our own pond.  The property is covered with Sugar Maple Trees, Bramble Berries, Birch and Beech Trees.  Oh and did I mention GRASS for the critters?  It has a lovely little house, loads of barns and studios for all our artistic needs.  Close access to civilization when we want, but seclusion the rest of the time.  We are getting settled in and unpacking..perhaps for the next 6 months!!  ha ha  We have left the previous about information below as it does tell a lot of our history and well..what we are all about…..


This is Melisa Morrison’s blog in the back acres of the Colorado Mountains. High Altitude Living!

Melisa met her husband Charlie online, dated and got married in 1999.  At that time, Melisa moved to Scotland to be with Charlie.  It was during this time that this blog started and it has evolved through many years from being a journal of her initial Weight Loss Surgery Journey, through moving to Colorado and to now, with her fiber Fanaticism.

They came west to Colorado and a ranch tract of undeveloped land to start homesteading and their high altitude living. Come view our Artist page at: http://www.facebook.com/AlbaRanch

Melisa is a Fiber artist. She has always been fascinated by Color, Texture, Nature and the Unusual! Its evidence can be seen in her photography,paintings, personal choice of clothing as well as the textiles and Fiber Art that she creates. It even shows in the choice of animals that she raises. She first encountered all of that in spades and realized how much she loved it while living in Peru in 1985. She has hiked El Camino de los Incas, the Inca Trail down into Manchu Picchu. She was introduced to REAL textiles while shopping and browsing the local markets in Cuszo and Urubamba. The weaving and fabrics of the Incas are fantastic.

She learned how to hand spin and weave in Aberdeenshire, Scotland where her husband was born and where they lived for the first 6 years of their marriage. She uses various types of sheep fleece and Angora Bunny Fleece in her creations. (Up until recently, she raised her own llamas, angora goats, cashmere goats, merino sheep, dorper sheep, Lincoln Long wool sheep, Teeswater sheep, Wensleydale sheep, and a whole lot more dairy goats than she has now.) She has had to cut down, hands are failing. She wanted to use the strength that she has to create, not clean up poop stalls!

You will see her journey through these pages, from before when she lived in Scotland until now, when she is on this side of the pond!

Telephone: 719 371 7210

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  1. I would love to live in Scotland. I bet it was wonderful.


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