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For Sale

Goats and Llamas currently for sale.  Please email if you are interested.

Three of our llamas are currently for sale and listed on the llama page.

Nigerian Kidding season starts at the beginning of April 2017 with our last doe of the spring season kidding in July.  We usually also have a kidding season in the fall starting in September through October 2017.  Email to be put on the waiting list for up coming kids.




 Alba Ranch Pearl SOLD


Alba Ranch Pearl
Alba Ranch Pearl


DOB:  7 May 2014

Sire:  Wild Columbine Blue Moon
Grand Sire:  Wild Columbine Cupid
Grand Dam: Wild Columbine Masquerade

Dam:  Parrish Farms RAK Aveta Lily
Grand Sire:  Heritage Acres T Little Rowdie
Grand Dam:  Play Rite Allie Kat


Pearl is a Blue eyed Blue Pinto doe.  She has had her first freshening with nice sized teats and a nicely attached udder.  She has a good body width and length and is very dairy.  She freshened her first time with a single buck kid and delivered easily.  She is a good mother and has started her hand milk stand training.  Her registration is with AGS.  She has been re bred by one of our new bucks and will be due for kidding at end of June 2016.

Parrish Farms RAK Aveta Lily. Photo courtesy of Parrish Farms and Prairie Hills Farm.



Pearl’s Buckling and Doeling Kids SOLD

Pearl’s buckling kid 2016


Pearl had twins this year.  Buck and doe.  The doe and the buckling are available for sale.  Both are a blue roan buckskin just like mom.  Both are tattooed, disbudded and have registration papers for AGS.  The boy has brown eyes and the girl has blue eyes.





Kids N Kritters Sage and Kids N Kritters Chippewa.  For Sale as a Mother and Daughter Package.   SOLD

Kids N Kritters Sage







Kids N Kritters Chippewa

Sage is a first freshener this year with a single doe kid.  She has had some milk stand training for milking by hand and has been an attentive mother.  Her daughter Kids N Kritters Chippewa is also for sale.  They can be sold as a package deal or separately.  Both are registered with ADGA and disbudded.