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Michigan Update

Update on our move to Michigan.  We have been overwhelmed with getting things done, unpacking, getting the property secure for the goats and llamas.  Several of our plans have changed such as our building project will have to be postponed until next year as that entire budget will now be shot on taking down trees. …

By Melisa July 21, 2013 0

Blinky Dumbells

Chloe, my deaf border collie princess, just rolled her blinky dumbbell under my comptuer stack. I was ignoring her and told her that SHE put it under there so SHE could get it out. She could not reach it so she did the next best thing. Pawing at me and the mouse cord until she…

By Melisa November 8, 2011 0


Yesterday I took Todd the border collie for a walk. The usual quarter mile was much harder through 8-10 inches of snow. We argued all the way. Him saying hurry up as he ran back and forth, me saying I was old. Him pointing out he was 12 and in dog years that was 84.…

By Melisa October 27, 2011 0