1940’s Spin-A-Long Fashion Decade Challenge

Lime Sparkle, hand spun art yarn plyed with 2 ply spider thin angora to make a lovely 3 ply with loads of texture.

Art Yarn Spin-a-Long: Decade of Fashion Challenge 1940’s Glitz and Glamor!

Lime Sparkle

I bought both art batts from Neauveau Fiber Arts.  I spun them up into a textured single and plyed it with a 2 ply spider thin Angora yarn in Baby blue.

Acqua Glitz


I have a second Challenge yarn as well for 1940’s and this one is called Acqua Glitz. 

Both are for sale in the Alba Ranch Shop

You can use this wonderful art yarns in knitting, crochet and weaving.  Have you ever worked with Handspun?  it has so much character, texture and charm.  I love working with a hand spun yarn over a commerical yarn almost always.


What are your thoughts?

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