1971 VW Bug

The guy I bought my other bug from last month ripped me off. He was not honest in what state the car was really in. 3-5 days after I got the car, the paint job that was supposedly new started to peel off the car, the lights inside had been glued so with the heat they were melting and falling off, the air breather was puttied and rigged..so many things and all the brakes locked up with the car refusing to move.

I called the guy and told him that I was aware of what he had done and it was not right. He tried to argue his way out feigning innocence. He also hit on me knowing I was married after the sale and bugged me repeatedly to send the expired liscene plate back that I said I would. I just had not been in town yet. He tried to get me to just slap more paint on the Bug and sell it to someone else.

I told him I am not that sort of person. Today he must have figured out that I had unfriended him on FB so he sent me a message saying he would take the car back and re sell it for me for a….wait for it…COMMISSION!!!

I shot him back a message saying that he wanted MORE money for a car that he had already gotten too much money for and had portrayed dishonest like in the sale??? I told him that I just don’t get that one. NOT!!

What are your thoughts?

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