3rd Feb again

WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!! The DVD player came. and it works too. yahoo!! the dog food came too. so hopefully now i can get them more sorted again. the little one has thrown up twice tongiht that I know of for sure. you just can not change her food. evidently the company did ship it correctly. the depot of the courier received it on thrusday so it should have been here before noon on friday but they just didn’t bother to deliver it unitl this afternoon. needless to say I got my shippping back, but that doesn’t make my puppy healthy again. jerks back to my roaring fire, burning scented candles and my show. all snuggled with puppies..now the only thing I am missing is my hubby. well, he is in tropical hot weather so he probalby wouldn’t WANT to snuggle. too hot heheheheheeheh yeah baby!

What are your thoughts?

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