Sound Healing

Sound Therapy. Sound Healing. Sound Journeys. Vibrational therapy. Crystal bowl healing. Singing bowl therapy. What do all of these words mean? What do they have in commmon?

Sound Sessions use music to promote relaxation, stress relief, sleep enhancement and emotional balance. This can help with healing as many health issues are made worse by excess stress, emotional imbalances, and lack of sleep. Reduction in these stressors improves the mood and changes ones perspective.

Sound Journey

How many times have you felt bad then heard a song or tune that you find cheerful or relaxing? After listening, you realise you suddenly FEEL better. Why? Music is medicine. It is universal and has been used as therapy for some time. All cultures have some form of music and voice.

Our bodies are made up of 70+ percent water. Sound Healing and vibrational therapy work on the thought that you are out of tune and need to re balance back in to tune. Sound waves and vibrations travel through air and water. Ripples on the surface of a bowl of water are from vibrations and sound waves. Our bodies have such a high percentage of water that we do FEEL the sound waves and vibrations, both physically and emotionally.

Crystal Bowls

A few common things I have heard when introducing someone new to crystal singing bowls are that the sound has almost a cathedral like feeling and the bowls are angelic sounding. I have heard numerous times that they can feel the bowls… really FEEL them …..even from across the room. The bowls make some feel unusual as if the sound is going through them.

I use several instruments for a sound journey session. A large portion of most sessions use singing bowls. I have three types of singing bowls. A 2 octave set of crystal singing bowls, a hand hammered Himalayan metal bowl set, and several Zen Vibrapoint metal bowls used for targeted vibration work. All the bowls can be used on the body except the ones made from crystal. Here is a link to Reflections 2 on my YouTube channel. Enjoy.

I also use several types of drums, handpans, stringed instruments, and a gong. I hope to add a smaller harp and monochord soon.


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I have an outdoor area for warmer weather and an indoor large area for colder weather. Both locations are large enough to allow sufficient social distancing with masks for 2 unrelated people and myself at the same time.


I am currently scheduling for single person session and 2 person couple sessions. A single person session is 50-60 minutes and is specific for that person’s current needs. We discuss what is bothering them and what they would like to try to target for that day. A couples session is 60-70 minutes and is a bit more of a group focus. A couples session is defined as two people. It can be a couple in a relationship, 2 best friends, parent and child, 2 siblings, grandparent and child, or 2 strangers. It is wonderful for a special anniversary or date night as well as a special treat with a friend.

For booking and scheduling an appointment you can reach me in several ways.

On Instagram, send a DM to @alba.ranch. On Facebook, send a message to Alba Ranch or to Melisa Morrison. Email direct to Once the initial session has been set up, clients have a cell phone number for text and calls.

What are you waiting for? Book now to start to relax and re balance from all the stresses of life.