Photos and Stats



The three comparison photos show a side view, a back view and a front view of me the week before my surgery and on my two-year anniversary.

2 yr comparison side view

I’m 5’9″ tall (1.75 meters) and just prior to my surgery I weighed 380 lbs (172 kg). One year on from my surgery, my weight was down to 240 lbs (109 kg), and at two years my weight was down to 215 lbs (93 kg). Prior to my surgery I was a US size 28/30 (UK size 30/32) at two years on from surgery I was down to a US Size 12/14 (UK size 14/16).

This was a reduction in BMI from 56.16 to 30.36 over the two years.


2 yr comparison back view
2 yr comparison front view


What are your thoughts?

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