Alba Ranch has cut the Etsy Ties.

Yes, Alba Ranch is officially off etsy as a selling venue.  after a 9 day fight, begging to have my shop closed as I am not the master of my own destiny there, it is finally done.  you can still find my name, you can still find my logo, you can still see my feedback and well at least they deleted my credit card supposedly.

I am over joyed, excited, beyond the moon, happy as a clam, estatic and to show it I am having a big sale on in my ArtFire shop.

Use the code ARTFIRE ROCKS to get your 25% off orders over $77.  why $77?  I just liked that number.  do I need any other reason? haha

come get that item you have just been dying to, free free free FREE AT last!!

What are your thoughts?

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