Almost blew to Kansas

The wind is beyond horrible out there. woke me up early this morning as I never even went to bed until 3 am and there was no wind then. It was howling so bad I have to go see about rescuing the critters, doors and gates. It is cold too, only 42 degrees right now and only forecast to be 59 if I am lucky when it was about 80 something yesterday.

Today is a good day for cooking, inside the cabin..what do cook what to cook…

I’ve got it. I will brew a fresh pot of Chocolate Velvet Coffee with some Organic Cinnamon 50% dark Chocolate chunks in to make it extra chocolate and sip that while I think on what to cook today. I have some sweet potatoes. Maybe I will make a sweet potato pie, and whip up some bread batter for my 5 min a day Artisan bread, being cold and all I could bake a quiche as well. I do have a red pepper, spring onions and about 5 doz farm fresh eggs…so quiche it is. all to be baked in the oven. will toast up the cabin very nicely I think.

Change of food plans: made a casserole sort of based on au gratin potatoes but not. Potatoes, red sweet pepper, onions, garlic, salt pepper, heavy whipping cream, goat milk, flour, butter, bacon, corn. All mixed together and baked in the over for at least an hour then topped with sharp cheddar cheese and baked until all melty.

It was 75 and sunny here. now it is 28, winds of 40-60 mph gust but sustained between 18-30 for over 36 hours and I am still here, the roof is still on the cabin only just and I can’t take much more. Hardly no sleep in 48 hours. hard to sleep when the cabin is moving with you in it.

What are your thoughts?

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