April 11, 2003

Just got back from the my doc. he is ordering my med for Monday and the cica care thing that should help break down and make my scar disappear or really fade. He calmed my fears about the pain that I am having that is new these last few days, as well as the hardening lumps and ridges under my scar. Mr P. called me today and he said almost the same thing as my doc, but he said for my doc to see and touch the scar. My GP confirmed what my surgeon said. apparently the hardening and lumps is my body reacting to the breaking down of the stitches inside. there is a bit of swelling and gravity that is pulling everything down so that is why it is thicker and harder at the bottom than on top. he said that would calm down eventually. also the pain that I am having inside that feels like I pulled something. he said that is the deep stitches that are rigid, probably i am doing a bit too much bending and pulling and twisting with my exercise. hmmmm….all I have done is walk. must just be my daily movements are a bit much. the pain that I have been having that is on the right side of the incision about 3 or 4 inches from it he thought was the retractors on my ribs. strange that it hasn’t shown up til now since I am about 3.5 weeks post op. oh well. he said that would go away too. I got weighed. another 4 kilos/8.8 pds. so that makes a total of 31.68 pounds that I have lost since the Friday night before my surgery. so now I weigh what I have weighed for the last two years, now again. I gained about 30 pds from Nov to the surgery. but that weight today is on day 25 days post op. so an average of 1.25 pounds per day. If I can maintain that until the first of June than I will have a bit over 80 pds off and be down to the smallest that Charlie has ever seen me and the smallest that I have ever been in over 10 years. than anywhere down from there is new virgin territory. husband will have a new woman every time he gets home. as well as another 30 pds after that and I won’t have any clothes that fit any more. that is when I will be really happy when I outgrown my wardrobe and have to buy a new one. πŸ˜† so looking forward to shopping. will have to take out a second mortgage. 😈 must go. need food. feel sick. bye Dazzle πŸ™‚

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