April 11, 2004 again

Well this is a first I think to have two postings in one day. I had to go to three different stores to even find an Independant, and than it was all the way into Aberdeen that I finally found two copies. I paid £1.40 for each and it was a total rip off. The only article that I could find in the entire paper not only had incorrect information as well as only half the information when describing different surgeries, as well as the total slant of the article was to slam the surgeries. The only thing that I can be thankful for is that no where in it was my name or my surgeons name mentioned as well as nothing that I said was even in the article. I plan on calling and putting in a complaint as well as a letter, because that was rather personal information and I can not believe that they would interview people for information just to use it against them. Border line lying, coming as close to being untruthful just to get a story that is only half true and in some instances completely inaccurate. hmmm..guess that is what NEWS is, huh? 😡

What are your thoughts?

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