April 11, 2004

Today the Independant on Sunday will be out with an article about me and my weight loss journey. They did the article on me the other day. There are a few others that they interviewed also but I think only one other was one of Mr Pollard’s patients. It will be interesting to see what they say. Chaz will scan it and get it up on the website along with the Woman article. He has the obesity and weight loss pages up complete with my before and after anniversary picutres and some information about Mr Pollard and the surgery in general. Chaz goes offshore today again; they called him back again early. πŸ™ My birthday is Tuesday and I will be alone without him again. He and I have hardly ever been together on our birthdays in the five years that we have known each other. I doubt that he will be back on land in time for his birthday either (probably home a day or two after it) πŸ˜• Anyways, must go take him to the airport here soon. We went out to Casa Salvatores for dinner last night. I seemd to fill up faster than usual, so took almost my entire main course home. I managed to eat the bits of chicken out of it and TWO bites of pasta. WOW!! so that will be at least one more meal if not two for me, as well as Chaz was not able to finish his steak or veggies so there is another meal. And he cooked a bunch of mince and tatties (most of which is in the freezer) so I won’t have to cook for at least a week. That is actually good since many times when he first leaves I get kind of bummed and won’t bother to cook, so if I get too hungry than I eat junk. With all these left overs in the fridge that will keep me going for the next few days while I mope. Oh forgot, last night my outfit was really cool. got to wear my black lace up bustier with a jacket, and long skirt as well as the old fashioned cool black stockings that you use a garter to hold up. Well let me tell you, I have NEVER been able to wear the ones with the garter in my life. They always will not work, but they did last night for the first time. And I can never wear a bustier that doesn’t have straps either, and I did last night for the first time. so that was really cool 8)

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