Fusion Art Show and April is born

I have been a bit behind in posting anything as I have been busy weaving up a storm for the “Fusion a Convergence of Fiber Artists” gallery show that is coming up.  I have my main entry done and we are hoping to get it photographed today and I can post a pic when we do.  I am also putting in a few smaller things that I made earlier this year.

I just got my newest order of yarns and rovings back so I have plenty to weave with and of course we just sheared again about 2 weeks ago.  since this time they were all mostly covered, the fleece is fantastic and so much better.  It is clean, brigther colours, and softer without wind damage.  I plan on hand processing the 3 lincoln, 1 teeswater and 1 wensleydale fleece that I have.  I will send the rest off to the mill to have some stronger, thicker warp yarns made up for weaving since everything recently has been fine light weight yarns.

Rachel had a new baby doeling premature.  It was touch and go for a while there, but she is now 10 days old and running around the pen.  her legs were not strong enough to stand or walk at first, and than later she could be was effectively walking on the backside of her knees but she is stronger now and up on her hooves like a proper little goatie and jumping around like they do.  she is still very tiny, maybe all of THREE pounds now, but she is just goregous.  she is going to be staying.  Emma has still NOT kidded, I swear her knees must be superglued together. ahah  will keep you updated 🙂

What are your thoughts?

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