April 24, 2003

I have added a bit more to the new forum tonight. I am sad to say that BGAB has been closed down. K is tired of the hassles with **** as well as with school and all in her life at the moment she doesn’t have the time to give to it that it deserves. I am hoping that in a few months she may feel differently or that she may find someone that is willing to take it over. If not, I suppose that **** has won. what a loser. there are people there that need info and I am not sure that they will always get the delicate touch that we had from ****. Ken on the other hand, does a lot of research and seems to have great knowledge for people when they need it. glad to see that he does such a good job. hopefully he can balance out and keep **** in check so that his site isn’t ruined too. I have been in a teensy bit better mood today. still well below what I normally am but at least not crying all day long. Not even at sappy movies. 😆 food still is yuk. nothing tastes good. don’t want to eat. still nauseous a lot. K told me that was due to my stomach still producing too much acid. that will settle down in about 5+ months. something to look forward to. Nothing too exciting going on here. supposed to rain for the next few days. hoping to get the motivation to go outside the house, maybe even go outside the yard. have managed to get dressed two days in a row now. that is improvement. so I hope that I am slowly but surely coming out of this funk and getting back to feeling like me. I wonder sometimes if i will ever feel like me again? still having troubles with my typing and speaking. words don’t come out or get spelled correctly. another effect of the anaesthesia. that can sometimes take up to three months to wear off entirely. still not always so keen on driving, because my brain still doesn’t always feel too clear. hope that gets better in a real hurry. off to bed I go. night. 8)

What are your thoughts?

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