April 25, 2003

I am very sick tonight. I ate a new thing, it was mostly turkey, and I think that it disagreed with me AND got stuck/lodged too. So it was a double whammie. I threw up for at least an hour, with horrible sharp pain between my breasts, but I could not get whatever was irritating my pouch up. Than I calmed and did not throw up for about a half hour even though I still had the excruciating pain. it was to the point where I could not throw up. so I took a swallow of water and within 45 seconds it came up with usually a bit more. I did that twice, but it did not move whatever was there. it did move a few other things, but I was still having horrid pain. Than about a half hour later while I was talking to my mom, I had to go and threw up immediately about 7-8 times and the pain was gone. I dozed in the chair and watched some tv with the bucket close. after a while I started to have a little twinge here and there of the pain again with quite a bit of burping and about an hour and half later threw up bits of foam again. than I fell asleep in the chair for a couple hours and then got up and went to bed. before bed I did try to swallows of water. it stayed down because I slept threw the night. needless to say, I did not get my second batch of pills last night since they need to be taken with or after food. In fact, I only managed one meal yesterday period. and I didn’t get my second shake of supplements either. But in the afternoon before I got sick, I did manage to drink .75 of a litre of water so hopefully I won’t be too dehydrated once I start drinking again. going to start with water since I am a bit nervous about throwing up. I have thrown up a few times in the last few weeks when I introduced a new food and didn’t get it chewed up quite good enough, but it was always a quick and up thing and within minutes it was gone. I can eat things like potatoes, wheat free pasta, pizza, crackers, eggs/quiches, and cottage cheese with no problem. But forget MEAT! Meat is where I can get my protein so was hoping that I could try it. will try some chicken soon. just boneless skinless chicken breasts. maybe the turkey bits that I had …well who knows. will have to try them again, but not sure that I fancy doing that any time soon. maybe I will just stick the ones that I cooked in the freezer. funny how the freezer is getting filled of little dishes of partially eaten things that I have put in there to keep until I fancy or can finish them. ahah I haven’t labelled a single one. hope I can remember then later on. course it could be a surprise. 😉 well off I go to bed. tired and need sleep. 🙂

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