April 27, 2003

I took the dogs for a walk today with a different neighbour. we did not go to White Cow Woods, she had a time limit. so instead we went through the village and down to the glebe. today I took the florescent pink frisbee instead of the ball. it was so much easier to throw. glad I did not take the green one, the dogs had a hard enough time finding the pink one in the long grass. 😆 it is now Noon and I have not had breakfast nor have the dogs. they did get a treat, but off to feed them now. not good to feed them right before or after exercise, so we have all waited enough. Show us the food. 😆 It was nice being outside. Gorgeous sunny day with a nice warm breeze. it was about 15/60 degrees outside…but it feels so much warmer than that. I didn’t even bother with a jacket over my sweatshirt. Did wear a new old pair of jeans. New old? you ask. well yes, it is a pair of jeans that I used to wear when I lost a lot of weight but could not wear in the last few years. it is a whole size down from the jeans that I wore before. It is a pair that are a bit smaller than that regular size because I had to have them taken in in the legs last time because they were worn. They fit. ❗ Just don’t ask me to sit down for about another week 😉 I have noticed that I do not have back pain when I walk any more. At least not the shorter walks, that are a mile or under right now. Before even about 5 minutes and I was in pain. That was only since November when I put on that last 30 pounds, but it was still not fun. Well that 30 pounds is gone as well as more. I will find out just how much more tomorrow when I go get weighed again. I can not register on my scales YET, but I am getting really close. My waist has always been very very heavily defined, but it is majorly coming back even more. yahoo ❗ and my stomach is going away. Now for all that junk in the trunk, I mean that big booty. don’t want to lose it entirely, but we could clean out the trunk some. 😆 well off I go, looks like this is going to be a great day. I think that maybe I will get some of my mood highs from the walking. seems to have been helping. just getting out of the house. will try to do that everyday now. it is much easier when the weather is this wonderful 😀

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