April 28, 2003 continued:

I did go for a second walk. found a new woods that is close to my house. took the dogs there and let them loose. up and down through the woods, many parts of the path was really steep, so after a half hour I was sweating, panting and puffing so that was a good workout. thinking of going again. maybe even today. did go to the doc in Aberdeen, and did the drive. stayed and watched a movie and drove home when it was starting to get dark. so thinking of going back in and watching more movies since I am so far behind on the movie thing. Tried some chicken tenders at BKing. they were very tender and I ate part of it before the movie and the rest as I was going home. so that took care of another worry which was what do I eat when I am on the road in aberdeen since it can be sometimes for 8 hours. Protein is hard to get to travel. always has to be in a cooler. so that was nice trying that and being able to keep it down now problem. that is my second time with meat that was good. thinking of baking some chicken breasts here at home and trying those too. I do so miss chicken and it is definitely not the same puréed. ahah half the taste in chicken seems like it is the texture. well off for now, really a long day and very tired. full day, but a good day 🙂

What are your thoughts?

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