April 28, 2003

I walked down to the surgery this morning and then back. was a nice little walk. thinking of going again with the dogs. will see if one of the neighbours is available. If you wonder why I have to take a neighbour out for a walk with me, it isn’t because I am not allowed out in the village on my own 😉 😉 ..but rather that I have THREE bouncing border collies and it is a bit difficult to handle all three together in your hands at once. 😆 What was my weigh in you are wondering ❓ Still not even CLOSE to what I was hoping for. apparently I have slowed down in my weight loss 😡 I only lost 1.7 kilos/3.74 pounds in the last 7 days. so I am still losing at the average of about a half pound per day. I know that I can’t expect to lose over a pound a day forever, but I HAD been hoping 🙁 so all told that is 18.3 kilos/40.26 pounds at my 6 week post op mark. so I am off for my second walk today to try to get more of this weight GONE ❗ ❗

What are your thoughts?

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