April 3, 2003

Got my staples out today. 52 of them. than later in the day noticed that a bit was bleeding, and in looking at that saw a bit reflecting. called and went back in to my GP. they missed one staple because it was buried. there was only a teensy bit visible, the skin had grown over it. after much poking around and me yelling, they gave me a local and then went in to dig. finally it was out, but that was not exactly fun. got weighed the first time, 10.4 kilos/23 pounds. had hoped for more but I suppose that isn’t too bad for 17 days. really tired today. walked to the GP and back twice. that is farther than the store and the store is a quarter mile. so must have been close to 3/4 mile for all the trips. that is alot more than I have been walking lately. normally I can walk that easily, but been rather tired, weak, and dizzy lately. going to bed soon. wonder how that will feel without those staples pulling anymore. 🙂

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