April 5, 2004

I can’t believe that you are getting two journal entries back to back. I have not been doing that many updates these days. other than school, and mating the dogs for the first time, there hasn’t been all that much excitement recently. Anyways, I have not been doing my official weigh ins on Monday becuase I have been gone off to class. But we are on the Easter holidays for this week and next week, so I did my usual weigh in. I was down an extra two pounds, so I now have a total of 142 pds (10 stone 2pds) off. This is the lowest that I have weighed in 15 or 16 years. My BMI is now down to 35.1 and I am again approaching a huge miles stone. Once my BMI is below 35, I am officially out of the super morbidly obese category and than I will be just plain obese. Never thought I would see the day when I would be “obese” again. 😆 so I am almost there. will let you know when I am there wahoo 😉 went for a long walk in the woods at a rather quick pace yesterday. up and down hills and uneven ground, huffing and puffing as our oldest border collie Tessa ran circles around us. She is the only one that is spayed and NOT in season, so we took her out in the woods alone with just the two of us. She was in heaven. Apparently doing some exercise will shift some weight as I managed to lose two more pounds that have been hanging on for a while now. well will try for some more exercise. it was a beautiful day and so nice that I just could NOT stay inside. too bad today wasn’t like that. 😉

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