April 7, 2003

Haven’t written for a few days. remembered something that Mr P said to me the other day when we talked on the phone. he asked me if I was using my supplements and I said yes that I had only quit the three days in the hospital when we couldn’t eat. that I have been back on them every since I had the xray thing to know that I did not have any leaks. told him that I had told alot of people about it and they all seemed to think the supplements sounded good, but that was about it. said that I suppose it is everyone’s choice but can’t understand why they would take regular tablet supplements and rattle. told him that I found all those tablets hard to swollen. and get this, he told me that the way that I do my supplements is the BEST way but that most patients would not COMPLY. 🙂 and I said yes i know, they wouldn’t remember to take them several times per day. hehehe it was great having a doc and specially one that does our surgeries to say they were the best form of taking them. 😀 goes to show you that I do know what i am speaking about. yahoo! I know that logically all vitamins and minerals are absorbed through the small intestine. many people have difficulties breaking down, dissolving and absorbing the vitamins in tablets. with out bypass we have even less of a small intestine to do that so we will absorb even less of the supplements and with our bypass we need the supplements even MORE than we did before our surgery. besides if you take them several times per day that means that several times per day your body is absorbing vitamins and minerals. when you take tablets, that is a huge dose all at once and your body can only metabolize so much. have you ever wondered why your pee is funky colours and smells so strong after you take vitamines? well, if your body can’t absorb it, it will excrete it through urine. so you could save yourself some time and hassle and just throw your money in the toilet and cut out the middle man or you could use some supplements that will actually help you heal and be healthy. also most supplements tell you that you should take them with food. that is because you have to have carbs, protein, and sometimes a bit of fat to absorb certain vitamins. certain vitamins you could take alot of and not absorb it if the other things that it needs is not available. anyways, it was a nice validation for Mr P to tell me that the way that I take them is best and that most won’t comply that way. but I do comply, becuase my body and my HEALTH are important to me. it isn’t good enough for me to just be alive, I want a great quality of life too. not just to exist. 😈 been trying all sorts of food. have even had some meat and rice and things that are not pureed. just a bite or two here and there. everything stays down. now and then something doesn’t agree as well so it goes through faster than others and I feel sick til I get it out the other end, but have not been sick throwing up. that is so cool. I so hate to puke. 👿 still have managed to not sneeze, although have had many close calls. beginning to think that a sneeze wouldn’t really hurt so much now. drove my car twice into town and back yesterday. first time driving. no pain driving. getting in and out was tons easier since the staples were gone, but found that my brain is still a bit foggy. more so on some days than others. seems if I don’t feel well or if I am tired it is worse. my brain feels like it is wrapped in cotton wool. so not too keen on wanting to drive much or far right now. Sunday is my birthday so hoping like all get out that i will feel together enough to go into Aberdeen for dinner and a movie with hubby before he goes offshore. will go to our favourite restaurant. they have cheesy chive mashed potatoes. the best and I know they have at least minestrone soup, can’t remember if they have any others, but I could at least eat the juice. ahha than husband could eat the rest of my soup and most of the mashed potaotes and have his dinner and then if he ordered a dessert, I would snag a few bites and that would be me sorted. would not need to pay for a big meal or have anything puréed or anything special. most places don’t have things that I could that with but they have the BESTEST mashed potatoes. will have to see how i feel though. I would have to drive. husband doesn’t know how, so if i don’t feel up to it, I just won’t. in a La Femme Nikita marathon. got all five seasons on dvd. and have to watch them all to make sure the dvds all work. I haven’t seen any of season 5 and not most of season four. the first three seasons have seen, some numerous times. only 96 episodes, 40 min each, about 64 hours all told. can’t do it all at once. been working on it for ages. but off to finish the last disc which is the last two episodes of season 3 than the fun begins with the new episodes that I have not seen. yahoo! sad aren’t I? 😥 well anything more than that wears me out these days. so tired all the time. try to walk a half mile or more and just knackered for the day. hopefully that will get better but for now I feel like I am doing two steps forward and 1-1.5 steps back all the time. so slow. not very patient as you can see. want to be a magical size 14/16 WITH a whole new wardrobe RIGHT NOW!!! 😉 😉 ah well, don’t get what i want so this won’t be anything new. but I am looking forward to the day that i can have PIZZA again. I do so miss pizza. it is the one thing that is driving me nuts. 😈 til next time. Dazzle 🙂

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