April 8, 2003

Today was my first initiation into the world of throwing up. I did NOT eat too much, since I only had a couple of bites. I know that I either didn’t chew something right or it did not agree with me. I think that it was the later. It hit my stomach and I was feeling awful almost instantly. It was amazing that it took me at least twice as long if not three times as long to throw up that couple bites than it did to eat it. Lots of foaming, and until the last two retches basically no pain in my scar. The last two retches were a bit more forceful than the rest, but it didn’t hurt too bad since I was holding my stomach just in case. I mean I didn’t split open and have all my guts fall out so that was a positive thing. 🙄 since I lived through that I am thinking that I might survive a sneeze. 😀 have had two shakes of my real replacement since then with partial milk and partial water and they stayed down fine. That is not my supplements, but rather one of the other products that I have. We have three meal replacement shakes that are supposed to be for when you replace a meal or two with a shake to lose weight. They taste wonderful and sometimes i just use them for a snack rather than eat something junky since it has all the vit/minerals in it for a regular meal. I am still having troubles with the milk, doesn’t like me and hasn’t for several years. thinking of getting an unsweetened soy milk to mix with the replacement shakes. I don’t like them with plain water, but the soy should make they nice. we have three flavours-choc, vanilla, and strawberry. mmmmmm…. you get 15 g of protein for one of those shakes with 250 ml/8 oz of milk so it is good for a protein drink too. best tasting diet shake that I have had in my whole life. anyways, I am tired and fell asleep in the chair again and it is almost 5am so I think that i will go to bed. bought time don’t you think? 😉

What are your thoughts?

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