Art Yarn

It appears that Elliot M. Schreier is at it again. I got a terse email from him saying that my use of the word Artyarns may be a violation of his registered trademark.

Here was my reply to him: I remember you from a few years ago harassing a newbie on Esty. Problem is, I am not a newbie. You may have a registered trademark on your usage of the word Artyarns displayed as such. You do not have a trademark on the generic use of the two SEPARATE words of “Art” and Yarn” or “yarns”. I went through my site and do not see the word Artyarns all run together as you have it anywhere. If I have missed anything I am sure you will point it out. If I did miss anything, it was nothing more than a typo and if you wish to lay claim to a typo have at it.

I hand spin art yarn and hand paint my yarns and art yarn just like hundreds of other fiber artists do. You do not have a trademark or monopoly on the usage of those words independently which is how I have used them. You use those words ran together with a particular font to create a new word, your trademark. I suggest you go check the trademark lays before you go randomly after every person that uses the words “art” and “Yarn” or “yarns” as you will be taking on the entire world for nothing.

What are your thoughts?

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