August 16, 2003

I really feel like I am losing weight and getting smaller. I was thinking back on what I have done for exercise this week. hmmmm… 🙂 well on Monday I lifted weights for an hour, and did my floor exercises for my quads, butt, hamstrings, and stomach for a half hour. On Tuesday, I did my half hour of floor exercises and 1.5 hours of Tai Chi. On Wednesday, I walked for 30 min passing out flyers, came home for about 45 min and than went out for about 1.75 hours to pass out more flyers. On Thursday and Friday, I didn’t do any exercise per say because I was sore and stiff from all the walking earlier this week, but I did notice that when I went places I opted to take the stairs rather than something nicer and park farther out and walk more. I did see something rather funny with my husband yesterday. I was busy doing things and getting things organized to go out and more than once I saw Chaz flatten himself against the wall as I can flying through or went running up the stairs and he flattened himself against the wall on the landing and had this look of shock on his face. I asked him “What? you not used to seeing me run up the stairs this fast?” to which he replied, ” I am not used to seeing you move that fast full stop!” 😆 oh well, he will have to learn to get out of my way. I am a woman on a mission and when I get moving which now seems to be quite fast, he will get mowed down because he is used to my stately and slow movements before. 😉 could be worse I suppose ❗ I think that I am going to have to cave and go shopping to by a few pairs of trousers and maybe a shirt or two. Everything is huge and baggey on me and it is unbelieveable how things just don’t fit these days. It is hard to tell how much I have lost by what I look like becuase you can’t see me for all the clothes. This is a good thing, but not all good since buying clothes now still means in a few months that I won’t be able to wear them. Not close enough to my goal yet. I have lost about 22% of my starting body weight in about 5 months. So I am well on my way. I have seemed to be a bit stuck these last few weeks though, hopefully that means that I will be coming up on a week or two where I drop about 10 pounds again since there hasn’t been any weight lost as of yet for almost two week. on that note, it is off to lift weights that I go, than my floor exercises than running around to shops in nearby towns to put up more flyers. 8)

What are your thoughts?

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