August 2, 2003

I had a milestone that I met on wednesday. I finally broke below the 80 pounds off mark, which I have said more than once that I would get excited after I had 80 pounds off. that was because anything more than the 80 pounds and my husband has never seen me that small. also that 80 took be below 300 pounds which is the first time that I have been this low in about 15 years. I can also cross my legs and sit comfortably like that now. only been doing that for the last couple of weeks. one of my favorite outfits that I wore tonight has died the death of the fatty since it will have to go in the bag to be altered, caught my heel in the pant leg and about pitched head first down the stairs outside the resturant tonight and that was with them hiked up to my bra. 😯 I have to take that as a sign that they are too big now. 😆 they are way too big. shirt too. only need about 20 more pounds and there won’t be a thing to wear in the closet full stop that will fit me. That is as good an excuse to go shopping as most are. 😉 I actually had 81.6 pounds off as of this morning. I also went into the movies and watched two tonight. I did not have any junk, or nachos and cheese, and did not go through BKing. I had an hour in between the movies so went to a resturant and had some roasted veggies and a jacked potatoe. didn’t eat the entire potatoe, but did eat the veggies and I was full. that was me sorted. strange, but with all the exercising that i have been doing the last few days, it has just killed my appetite. I do my quad and stomach exercises from physio and that takes me a half hour. than I took the dogs out walking in the woods today for about 25 minutes. yesterday did the physio exercises and than lifted weights, but the weight lifting session ended up being two different sessions because I accidently flooded our new kithcen and had to stop lifting to clean up the mess. so after finishing that, I went and finished my lifting session. tomorrow I think that I will try to lift again as well as the physio. if the weather is good, might even splurge for a walk in the woods too. dogs just love it out there. well off to bed for a good snooze. 8)

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