August 23, 2003

I haven’t had much luck in shifting any of my weight over the last 2.5 weeks, but it is finally starting to move again. I have lost 3.6 pounds since monday and that has me down a total of 87 pounds/6 stone 3 pounds since the surgery. We have not done much exercise since tuesday, but have been busy none the less. I managed to get into my size 22 blue jeans that have been too tight two days ago. I am rather pleased with that. I have been wearing the size 22 black jeans but the regular ones had still been out of reach. I went through about 3-4 black bin liners full of clothes the other day. my impressive t shirt collection has finally come out of the “closet” and I can wear them all now. there are a few that are still too small but I can get them. they are just painted on. some of these have NEVER been worn, and some I have had for over 15 years. it was a serious walk down memory lane as I veiwed and tried on all these t-shirts. I had bought them for specific events to remember that occassion, so it was nice to be able to wear them again finally, or wear them for the first time finally. In the process of going through the t-shirts, I also went over my dress clothes and resinged more things to black bin liners. I have two black bine liners full of clothes that have to find new homes, and have one black bin liner full of clothes that I have ot take to a seamstress and have altered. Charlie fixed my machine, so I am going to try my hand at altering a few pairs of trousers and maybe a few tops to get more life out of them. I am covered for the baggy slob t-shirt look and the really dressy look. what I am struggling for is the inbetween semi dressy sorta casual but not look. I can wear my blue or black jeans, if I get those trousers altered I will be able to wear those. I still have a few dress pants that are wearable. A few skirts that are wearable. My biggest problem is with tops, or sweaters that are semi dressy. bought a bunch of things at a store in peterhead yesterday. mostly off the clearance rack. in fact, only paid full price for one item to wear now. most of it is things that I won’t be able to wear until the end of this year, with the other half being things that I can’t wear until I take off ALL my weight. But since those trousers, or skirts were only £4, £5, £7, or £10 I felt that i could justify them for down the road. If I were to wait until I am all the way down there, they would not be on the clearance rack anymore. 😆 I did pick classic simple lines, things that I could wear in a year or more and not be out of date. many of the things in that store were fadish and wouldn’t be in style in 3 months, but that sort of clothes doesn’t appeal to me and NEVER has. I like simple lines of clothes that don’t date. Also bought some sweater tops at Tesco in Inveruire the other day too. all of those were also on their clearance rack. most of them are a size smaller than I would wear right now, but they are stretchy material so can get away with them. The other couple are a two sizes smaller than what I wear right now, and still I can get them on too being stretchy sweater types. So I will keep those and wear them hopefully in just a little while. All told I think that I got 6 sweater/tops, 3 skirts, and 3 trousers for about £100. not too bad when you think that I only paid full price for one item and eve that was only £16.99. Not mean at all, am I? 😉 We are still doing our Tai Chi, and have joined the club and train on tuesdays for 2.5 hours for that. learned some rather slick moves of application to defend ourselves in the second class this week. our teacher said that Tai Chi is a graceful form of mutilation. Cool ❗ Have the schedule for our local pool and have went and seen it. hope to try it out soon. Still walking in the woods with the dogs, have recently rode on my stationary bike here at home for the first time, still doing my floor exercises to strenghten my tummy and quads, and still lifting weights. quite enjoying all this exercise. even hubby is doing it with me and he seems to be enjoying it mostly. 8)

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