August 24, 2004

Today the article about my surgery came out in NEW! magazine. I am generally well pleased with how they did the article and with the explanation of the surgery. It was the most accurate that I have seen one of the articles done to date so far. One of the ladies at the shop in my village mentioned that she had seen the article that was done about me in October when she was on holiday in Tenerief. And she had seen this article too. Neat. 8) Took all 7 dogs out for a walk today. first time out for the puppies in the woods, they had to be on leads and my friend helped me out with my 7 and her 1. so there we were in the woods with 8 dogs, tied in knots with all the leads of the little ones. how hysterical ❗ 😆 particularly once they figured out how to walk on the leads without being in a knot and were trying to keep up with the big dogs who were not on leads and were way ahead. needless to say, we were both running up the hill with our arms outstretched in front of us and puppies towing us along because even jogging we were NOT going fast enough for them. 😯 We did cover that mile much faster than we have ever done before and although the two of us walk frequently, we were both winded when we got to the top. We let one pup, Cinnamon, off her lead to play fetch with the big dogs. she seems to be rather obedient and doesn’t stray far since she has taken such a shine to Prue (one of the mothers). After we came home, I popped all the little ones in their kennels for a nap and took Cinnamon with me all by herself into town. She walked all over town with me on the lead and was remarkable and hardly pulled at all. I could not be prouder. it was her first time in town and the times that she has been on a lead can be counted on one hand. she has caught on so quick but that is good because she is going to be a HUGE dog and I do NOT want her to be pulling becuase she will pull me over. 😯 Weight has been staying around 222 to 222.5 most of the time for the last week. hopefully it will start moving again soon. Belly dancing starts up again in a few days, I just can hardly wait. I have missed it these last 6 weeks that the instructor has been on holiday. Also thinking of trying a Tai Chi class that is much closer to home since getting to the other one has been a near impossibilty in the last 6 weeks wtih the dogs being sick and all and Chaz offshore. My class starts at the college for Swedish Body Massage this week too, and I hope to start getting back into swimming at the pool here soon as well as the walking that we can now do in the woods since the puppies are safe with their vaccinations as of today. so for now, off I go and get more things done. have been walking probalby for about 3 hours today. cool exercise. 😉

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