August 4, 2003

I did my morning weigh in today and I have lost another 4.8 pounds this week. that means in two weeks time I have lost 10 pounds. cool huh? πŸ˜› would be great if I did that EVERY week πŸ˜‰ So that is a total of 83.6 pounds off, just a mere .4 of a pound shy of 6 stone in just 4 months and 2.5 weeks. So I have just about achieved my surgeons goal of 6 stones in 6 monnth, but about 1.5 months early. Only 16.4 pounds to go before I reach my new goal of having 100 pounds off by the 6 month mark. I have until Sept 17. At this rate, I would have it off at before that. I suppose it would be unrealistic to expect to lose 10 pounds every two weeks, but I can dream can’t I ❓ πŸ˜€ I have noticed a major difference in the last week, in that my shape seems to be coming back even better. I had begun to think it was never going to happen. My tummy is still too pudgy above my belly button, but it is flattening out. I don’t know if it is the extra weight loss that is doing it, or if it is the stomach exercises that I have been doing every day for a week or more now. I don’t suppose that either hurts. πŸ˜‰ All that being positive, well last night I decided to splurge on some Haagen Daas icecream and have some. Big Mistake ❗ HUGE MISTAKE ❗ ❗ [b]EVEN HUGER BIGGER WORSER MISTAKE[/b] ❗ ❗ ❗ I dumped worse that I have ever done since my surgery. There were a few moments in there where I wondered if I was going to die. I wondered if they had a spot on the death certificate that said death by dumping. I had sweats, dizziness, woosiness, naseous feelings, throwing up and retching, wind, cramps, pain, diarraha, and general thoughts of death for Haagen Daas. I am not sure if I have ever even tried Haagen Daas icecream before. But apparently I can not handle it. It seemed to be a double whammy for me, worse than any other dumping. I still have serious troubles with milk, and I bet they make their icecream from whole milk. Didn’t read the label to check that out. Anyways, I think that if I want something nice and cold, I will stick to my lollies on a stick. they seem to be safe for me. So even now, I still have to be careful what I eat. I ended up dumping a week or so ago on a bit of juice again. I try it now and than, but mostly I can’t handle drinking juice. Most other post op people seem to be able to drink juice, but it still kills me. πŸ™ and i so do like juice. I have been lifting weights, walking in the woods with the dogs while sticking to the logging trail, and doing my quad/stomach physio exercises everyday. It takes me about a half hour to do my physio exercises each day, and when I am done, I have this weak sorta pain areas in several places becaues I have fatigued the muscles. I know that it is working. I am wondering actually if the quad exercises that I am doing are affecting my sagging thighs and legs. It isn’t just a straight quad exercise, it also works the inner and outer thigh muscles. It is hard to do these leg exercises with my free weights and all at home. The main exercises for legs with free weights is squats and I can’t do those with my knee yet, so these physio exercises might seem silly to some people, but they are working wonders for me. and I keep thinking why do I need to lift weights with my legs, when they are so big and heavy anyways, just lifting them and using their own weight is a major workout. so maybe my increase in weight loss is becuase I am exercising more again, as well as I have been rather careful with my portion sizes and drinking more water. whatever it is, I hope that it keeps happening. 8)

What are your thoughts?

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