March 23, 2003

I am back home and I can say with all certainty that I am glad to see the backside of the hospital. 😉 I had my op on monday afternoon and came home this afternoon. so that would make me 6 days post op I guess if you don’t count the day that you had the op. have noticed a bit of difficulty with some of my meals. not sure if I have eaten too much, or eaten it too fast, or somehow inhaled too much air with my food. 😕 sometimes I get this pain that is like a round ball of pain right at the top of my staples and it just sits there. makes me miserable. I do not throw up. haven’t and don’t want to. most times if I wait, the pain will subside with waiting about a half hour or so and lots of burping. so does that mean that ate too much or too fast? sometimes it has happened when I have only had about 5 bites. I know that tonight I was hungry, so I did wonder if I was eating too fast. so I put my food aside and waited about a half hour or more and than ate a bit more. I was ok then for a while, was eating really slowly. I mean a teensy bite maybe a minute, but then the pain started again as well as all the burping. not sure. can’t imagine that the food would not agree with me since it is a food that has always been ok with me. chicken and cauliflower and a bit of a homemade cheese sauce on it so that it wasn’t all dry. been a big day today so will see if I feel better tomorrow. good to be home but was a tiring journey. 🙂

Friday 21st March 2003

Chaz filling in for Dazzle

Today was steps day and dietician day. In the morning Dazzle went for a walk with the Physio and tried getting up and down the stairs. This is something that she’ll have to manage by the time she gets home, as from the living room or the bedroom she’ll have to negotiate stairs to get to the bathroom. She did manage the stairs with out to much trouble, so that was good news but she’ll be practising some more tomorrow. Just before lunch, the Dietician came round to speak to all Mr. P patients from this week. I think she had intended to talk to everybody individually, but as they were all congregated in one of the patient’s rooms anyway, she just had a group meeting there! One of the five patients was discharged late in the afternoon. He actually had his operation the day after Dazzle, but he was very fit prior to the operation and has made great progress since.

a quick update

Hi folks, just a quick update on Dazzle. She had her surgery this morning. Everything seems to have gone well and she is now, if not up and about, at least awake and not in too much pain. I’m sure that she’ll be filling you all in on the gorey details later, but in the mean time, thanks to eveyone who has been asking after her and wishing her well. –Chaz

Thursday 20th March 2003

Chaz, Filling in for Dazzle:

More progress for Dazzle today. Steady improvement in her mobility and reduction in her pain. Some of her sutures were taken out today, and she was a bit depressed when she saw the operation scar and staples. I’m trying to convince her that things won’t look nearly as bad once the staples come out and the rest of the marks will heal and fade with time. She has started on puréed food today, and back on her supplements too, so a significant step back towards normality after the operation.

Wednesday 19th March 2003

Chaz, Filling in for Dazzle:

Dazzle managed to get a lot of sleep last night. Today, she has been moving around more. Around noon, she went and got x-rayed, which showed that everything was okay internally. Later on, she had the drain on her wound removed. She managed to walk around a bit today and spent some time sitting up watching TV. She was still in pain and discomfort, but I think, a fair bit less so than yesterday. Hopefully if she gets the same amount of sleep tonight as she did last night then there should be even more progress by tomorrow morning.

Day After Surgery: Tuesday 18th March 2003

Chaz, Filling in for Dazzle:

Dazzle was in the ICU over night then moved back to her room before 10am today. (thanks for the call Adigurl!) She had a bit of a restless night, with the pain and discomfort. Also the pain medication made her drowsy, but when she dropped off her respiration slowed so that her oxygen levels dropped and the nurses had to keep telling her to take deep breaths. During the day, back in her room, she spent most of the day in bed, apart from about two hours in the later part of the afternoon, when she managed to get out of bed (mostly under her own steam) and sit in the chair for a bit. I think that was mostly to try to get her moving a bit and to help her circulation. She tried her lung exercises again (I can never remember what its called… not spirograph… that’s a drawing toy!), to draw a comparison with how she had performed before the operation and anaesthetic. Although the first time she tried, it was quite low, there was an improvement by the time she tried it again later in the day. Mr P saw her again in the early evening and seemed to be pleased with her progress, he sees no reason why she isn’t on course to be discharged and on her way home by the weekend. He also assured her that today is definitely the worst day, and everything starts getting better soon… news that she was glad to hear. I left her this evening after she had been given some more pain medication, and hopefully she’ll manage to get some sleep tonight and feel a lot better tomorrow.

Surgery Day: Monday 17th March 2003

Chaz, Filling in for Dazzle:

16:00 They’ve just taken Dazzle down to theatre. I think in the last hour the nerves have built up a bit. She kept asking me what was wrong but I didn’t want to tell her that my previous fears were re-surfacing. I’m sure she must have had her own trepidations and last minute worries too, so I didn’t want her to hear me bleating about being worried. It is a procedure that has been done hundreds of times so we have nothing to worry about. Earlier in the afternoon, the Physio visited to tell her about what she could and couldn’t do during her recovery, and what was going to be expected of her for the first couple of days after the op. She had to do a little test on her lung capacity After the Physio, we had a visit from the Anaesthetist. He described what all would be happening in the theatre and in the ICU during the first hours after her operation 18:10 Mr. P has just come to see me. Dazzle is out of theatre and being transferred to the ICU. Everything went well and there have been no immediate complications. Some one will come and take me down to see her once she is settled. 19:00 Down at the ICU and Dazzle is there, plumbed up to every computer in Leeds, or so it seems. She’s still a bit groggy, in pain and discomfort. Over the time that I’m there, the painkillers settle her down and by 21:30 she’s ready to sleep. More news tomorrow.

Night before the Surgery: Sunday 16th March 2003

Chaz, Filling in for Dazzle:

A busy day today, tying up the loose ends for the next week and then travelling down to Leeds. The flight was quite interesting.. although I’ve been on smaller (not to mention rougher) aeroplanes, the “puddle jumper” was a new experience for Dazzle. 18 seats.. and only six of us on the flight so there was plenty of room and it was all pretty informal! 😆 Dazzle is now settled in her room for the night with her surgery scheduled for 4pm Monday, so I should have more news this time tomorrow.