Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies are a simple healing system of 38 Flower Energies. Each flower remedy correlates to a human emotion. Dr. Bach passed away in 1936 after completing this system and only included one generic Rescue Remedy to use in stressful situations. He believed it best to treat the whole person rather than the symptoms of the disease. Our emotions affect and many times control the well being of our physical body. Balancing our emotions encourages our physical body to de stress, balance and start self healing.

I offer individual consultations in person and via phone to help people with balancing the emotions that they feel in that moment. In acute situations, “in the moment” is where we start. Later we work to deeper emotions, when the time is right.

I have been a BFRP since 2006.  I started my training in Scotland in 2005 and finished the last case studies in 2006 after moving back to the USA.

I think my clients mostly seem to be those in intense pain. That pain may be masked well to outsiders but inside it can be overwhelming.  I have worked with both men and women. Both in person and over the phone.

I became a BFRP because of Saffron, aka Sassy, my beautiful traumatized Scottish Border Collie.  I was living in Scotland and was part of an online deaf dog on Yahoo for Sassy’s sister, Chloe.  I asked in the group one day if anyone knew how I might help Sassy with her fear.  She was a hearing dog but I was desperate to help her so I asked the group anyways. 

She had a severe accident at 7 wks old and nearly died.  After that, her fear and trauma consumed her every moment both awake and asleep. She woke many times crying in fear from nightmares. Someone mentioned a specific type of chirotherapy for her neck injury and another mentioned BFR for her fear.  I started researching both, got help with both for her and watched her turn back towards the dog she was before her accident. She lived a long life of 15+ years. She moved with us from Scotland where she was born to Colorado and lastly to Michigan where she passed away several years ago.

I was intrigued by BFR after seeing how much Sassy had been helped by these flower remedies. I decided to do the level one distance learning class to learn more. I requested my mentor for the course to be the same BFRAP that had helped Sassy. After level one, I was hooked and completed my BFR training through all 3 levels over the next 18 months while living in Scotland just before moving back to the USA.

I think what makes me and my practice different is that I personally come from a background of abuse and trauma, my animals that we have adopted over the years always seem to have come from trauma and abuse situations, and I feel drawn to helping others heal from similar trauma and abuse.  I understand the chaos trauma and abuse wreck on a life.

If someone is able to heal even a small part from the trauma, it improves the quality of that life by a massive amount. Being debilitated by trauma or abuse can utterly destroy a person. Relief from that pain, even if not complete, can feel immensely life saving.  Small steps have huge results in this type of all consuming pain. 

BFR work so softly and in steps that allow a person in intense pain to be able to accept that healing, start to feel better, and want to heal even more. The desire to WANT to heal is an important part of the healing process.

I have other therapies I offer. Sometimes these work too fast and intensely for a person’s pain level. I think the best thing about BFR is the simplicity of the system.  It can be used by and for anyone, exactly where they are in the healing journey at the moment that they most need it. The human mind can only handle certain things at the speed it needs.  BFR are wonderful for that “working with you where you are” kind of healing.  The perfect healing for intense trauma and abuse.

I am Melisa Morrison. My practice is in New Era, MI, USA at Alba Ranch. A 20 acre Forest Nature Retreat.  I have trails, a stream, a few camping sites, several Stone Circles and an acre Lavender and Herb Terrace Rock Garden.  I am busy growing herbs that I distill into Hydrosol and Essential Oils, make into Healing Mascerated oils, and just enjoy outside growing them in Nature. 

I am building this rock garden oasis to invite others in to enjoy my “Secret Garden” for their own healing wellness and meditation.  The gardens themselves are meant to be a source of healing just by walking the paths and sitting still by the flowers. Feel the Plant and Flower Energy growing in their natural state. Many of the 38 remedies grow here at Alba Ranch but not all of them are here yet.

Something about me or my practice that nobody would guess if they just saw my photograph would be that I have been a musician for my entire life and only discovered Sound Healing a few years ago. And I collect rocks. Pocket tiny rocks and 4000 lb rocks.