Big Box of Fiber

I just unpacked 3 boxes of 138 pds of fiber. 15.5 micron merino…I about wet myself! Shetland…yum. Blended dark brown and light brown to make a medium brown merino…omg. Polwarth Silk blended top….dreamy!! Polwarth Tussah Silk yarn.. I am in love. Kid mohair boucle yarn, and Baby Woo Boo Boucle yarn….I managed to get it all back in the boxes rearranged and it fit with a bit of space. Was congratulating myself on a job well done…..until I walked in the cabin and found 3 pds of 15.5 merino, 1 pd of silk noils, 3 pds of Polwarth and 10 lbs of Polwarth silk top. duh forgot I put them there!!! No wonder the rest all fit….drat!!

I was bedazzled by the fibers that I forgot I had walked into the cabin like THREE times carrying in stuff that I have to photograph…like only 3 min before I totally forgot about them. I am not easily distracted….fiber….oohhh yarn….oowwwhhh what huh?

What are your thoughts?

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