Broch the Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD)

Here is my Broch.

Broch perfecting his “eye”

Livestock Guardian Dog.  LGD for short.  He guards.  That is what he does.  He is super smart and here you can see that he has learned a thing or two from the border collie’s and started to perfect his “eye”.  That is eyeing up MY PLATE!!!!


Broch doesn’t guard outside with the goats full time any longer.  He is getting on in years and has some hip problems, but he still guards INSIDE with me.  He particularly likes to guard any rebellious Scottish Walker Short bread that looks like it might jump ship off my plate or any chocolate Biscotti.  He worked outside guarding for numerous years but he is in his retirement now.

Broch loves Charlie.  They are buddies.  If you don’t believe me, just ask Broch.  Charlie bought him a VW bus because he can’t jump up into the suburban any longer.  Is that love or what?



What are your thoughts?

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