Bulky Woolee Winder

Awake all night and can’t sleep…what to do?

Spin and test my new bulky Woolee Winder. What else? My woolee winder is set up on my Louet S70 ST, single treadle.

One on the left is the fully stuffed bobbin at 11.25 oz with 165 yds. One on right is not full at 8 oz with 104 yds. The one on the flyer which is the textured with locks…that one isn’t completely full at 5 7/8 oz with 75 yds on it. All the white is mohair. Green is wool.

wool and mohair art yarn

Off to set the twist and see how the yarn blooms.

mohair locks spun in wool

Interesting…..this is going to be weaving yarn. I needed a thicker but mostly even yarn for warp and than all my textured wefts.

bulky mohair art yarn

What are your thoughts?

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