“Bunny White” Art Yarn

Bunny White1
Bunny White Handspun Yarn

I just listed a new Art yarn in the shop.  “Bunny White” is a merino angora 2 ply art yarn that I hand spun.  If you want to see the entire listing with more pictures from various angles go see it here.

I also listed 3 hand dyed bunches of Wensleydale locks in pink, purple, and a blue that is sort of aqua and sort of columbine.  Listed 2 purses, 1 crocheted basket that could be a yarn basket, a fuzzy trivet, and another art yarn called European Yarn as it is the Angora Merino Art yarn that I made the European Scarf and Purse of Many countries from.  I still have a large amount left and decided to sell it as a skein instead of making something else from it.  You might like to visit the shop and see all the updated and new listed items for sale.  The shop is here.  Happy Spinning!!

2 thoughts on ““Bunny White” Art Yarn

  1. I just found you on the Angora Ning site and I subscribed to your blog– what beautiful work you do!!
    I just started raising angora and learning to spin and I love it!! I am excited that I am able to find people all over doing life right. I hope you don’t mind if i want to interview you soon– want to read it all first!


  2. Love all your wonderful knitting! I want angora rabbits for wool and spinning! Didn’t know I would be so addicted before I even got my first rabbit!

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