Busy as the Bees…

What do the birds, the bees and Alba Ranch have in common? Working outside from light until dark each day, busy …busy and busy some more. Plants, trees, fruit bushes, perennials, annuals, and seeds are going in everywhere. Everything is starting to burst into flowers with buds swelling and color all over.

Eastern Redbud

Stone pavers are being laid, rows put in, and weeds pulled out. I really do need to clone both Charlie and I several times over to get everything done. I seem to flit from one plant to the next. It is so pretty and I am so distracted with looking at it all.

Creeping Thyme and Firecracker Sedum in contrast with paver stones

We started creating a new little nook at the top of the Moon Garden. I can see the entire Rock Project from that vantage point. It will also make a nice place to read, spin yarn, paint and even have your photo taken.

Moon Garden Nook

Many of the bushes are in for the happy pollinators, and some of the bark mulch is in place. I can’t wait until they mature and fill in the space. I can see it in my head already, but now I am starting to see it with my eye.

Baby Lavenders waiting

The seeds have been sown in many parts and some are even starting to germinate. Soon the Lavender plants will go into the ground now that almost all are here. We still have more pavers to lay and more rocks to roll into place.

Potted Lavenders from last fall over wintered waiting to go in the ground

It is starting to come together even though we still have so far to go. I can see progress and I like it! Can you see how much progress we have made?

What are your thoughts?

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