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Green Card Interview

It is almost 6 am and we are about to leave to go to Denver for Charlie’s green card interview.  wish us luck 🙂 UPDATE:  We are now back on the ranch from the green card interview.  They granted his green card and stamped his passport with a temporary one that he can use when…

By Melisa August 14, 2009 0

New Rooster

I had the good news this week from the vet, that both the lumps that we aspirated from #209 were sterile. so NO bad heebeegeebeeies in her that we know of. Marci is coming to get her and her black ewe lamb on Monday and I was a bit stunned at how much weight that…

By Melisa February 20, 2009 0

February 17, 2003

Today has been a long day. I have been in horrendous pain. had to drive about 45 min to my physio therapist even though i could not move my head. But last time I checked now amount of tapping my shoes together would get me there. she worked on my neck. wrung it like a…

By Melisa February 17, 2003 0