Vintage Kitchen Decoration

Vintage Kitchen Decoration

It is so pretty that I decided I just must SEE it every day!!

Heart Shaped Vintage Chair

I found this stunning Heart shaped chair recently and thought it paired perfectly with my Missouri Loom. I have found vintage chairs are a better fit for me than most modern chairs. The seat height is many times 19-20 inches which works so much better for my long legs.

This meant it had to be in my breakfast nook with a table and chairs set. The space really isn’t big enough for a table and chairs let alone a loom and chair as well.

This posed an interesting dilemma. I had to think creatively outside of the box for a solution. Working with small spaces many times requires a bit of trial and error to make things fit.

Missouri Loom and vintage Heart Shaped Chair

I started first with the loom and heart shaped chair.

I put all new heddles on all 4 harness of the loom. Both texsolv and inserted eye. I wanted to move away from the flat metal heddles that came on the loom.

I also changed out the 15 dent reed to a 8 dent reed. Now I can weave with medium and bulky textured yarn that I handspin. If I get into super Bulky handspun Textured yarn, I can change the reed out to my 4 dent reed for an even wider sett.

This is going to be fun. I got that part done now. It is so cute, cozy and don’t you think it is just PERFECT??

The next step was the table and chairs. The fact that it is only the two of us made it easier. We do not need a big table or a lot of space for two people. I setteled on a 30 inch diameter vintage side table. It is supposed to be a side table, but it is 30 inches high like any other table…so I am not caring.

Vintage Table and Spider Back Chairs

I found these 2 chairs from 2 different sellers almost 2 years apart. So this has been a long time in the making for this decoration. I really like the spider back chairs and their velvet softness with the warm wood. Which is why I think I am not completely finished as I must now paint that table. The cool gray with all the warm colors around it is just WRONG!! It will have to do for now though.

All together

Here is everything altogether. The weaving loom, new heart shaped chair, along with the new dinningroom table and chairs. It is all stuffed into a dinning nook barely big enough for the teensy table. Yes, it is a bit “close”. But I can move around it, and it doesn’t look awful.

Morag, the red tri border collie even has her hidey hole blanket down the back of the loom still. You can see her in one of the photos. Can you find her?

And even better yet, it lets me have my weaving loom and heart chair where I can see both every single day. There is a much better chance of some textured weaving happening. I am going still going to use that handspun bulky yarn yet.

This is right next to the cozy dinning in my cozy kitchen. My small space in my small house. Doesn’t everyone have a weaving loom in their dinning nook WITH the table and chairs?

Ps. I still have to paint that dang gray table. Pop a comment down below. Tell me what you think of it all together. And tell me…what color SHOULD the table be??

Leicester Longwool Sheep at Alba Ranch

Leicester Longwool Sheep at Alba Ranch

The Leicester Longwool Sheep have arrived. Just a handful for fiber since I have become enamoured with spinning Leicester locks.

A birthday surprise….

A birthday surprise….

My birthday was a bit of a surprise and shock. My entire goat herd except one bred late, all kidded in less than a 24 hour period.


Some of the kids

So all babies had to come into the house to save their lives, this broke the bond with their moms and I had a house full of bottle babies.

Twin brothers

I did about zero spinning and lost 6 weeks of my life that are still a blurr with very few distinct memories.

Missed me!





I have been creating a lot of soups and stews in the crock pot recently. Mostly because of A. working outside and B. because it smells fab when cooking and C. because by the time I am actually hungry later on, I can’t be bothered to cook anything. Charlie usually pesters me to eat. I realized the other day that my fiber world has overtaken my culinary world.

No, I am not putting bamboo and silk in the soup, but I am color coordinating the ingredients.



My First Color Coordinated Soup. The Reds.

The Reds:

1/2 cup dried RED lentils ( if you want it thicker, increase to ¾ cup)
1 15 oz can organic Navy (WHITE) beans rinsed
1 15 oz can organic Pinto (BROWN) Beans rinsed
1 15 oz can of Organic RED Fire Roasted Tomatoes diced
1 32 oz can of Organic RED whole peeled tomatoes
2 WHITE onions chopped medium size
1 RED onion chopped medium size
10 WHITE cloves of garlic chopped fine
1 cup bite sized chopped organic Orange baby carrots
I Red Sweet Potato peeled and diced (could increase to 2 if your slow cooker is large enough)
½ to 1 cup of chopped Rutabaga (WHITE flesh once peeled)
1 pound of thick sliced from the butcher bacon with no msg chopped small size ½ inch or smaller
1 cup of White cauliflower if you have it lying around
Pink Himalayan Sea Sat
Boiling water to cover

Throw it all in the slow cooker, making sure the bacon is the last thing and on top. Pour boiling water over the food and bring level up to about top of food and a little under lip of slow cooker top. Put the lid on idiot…I mean you didn’t forget that did you?

Our Smeg

Put the slow cooker on high and leave for 4-6 hours, than turn down for 2-4 more hours on low eating it whenever you feel like in that later few hours. If you are going away, I would put it all together before you get ready for the day, leave it on high while you get ready for work, than switch to low for the day until you get home. I didn’t try to colour coordinate it, it just happened.  Is this what you call Hand Dyed Soup?  Or is that Hand Painted Soup?


I threw this together with whatever I could find lying about the Smeg and China Cabinet. I made it about a week ago so I think that was what I put in it….more or less…probably…most likely…..yeah, of course that was what I put in it.

Oh by the way, what is a Smeg you ask?  Here is my Smeg.  We finally got it this fall.