Sale and new yarns

I have went through the shop and cut a lot of the prices a little taking into consideration the tough economic times as well as my desire to move some of my stock and make some space in the cabin and the barn. I have had a lot of traffic on the site recently, but waiting for folks to click and buy.

New Yarns

I did just figure out how to put a picture in yesterday’s blog so that was cool. I have also put a link to my blog in the intro part of the store so that means I am committed and MUST blog or you will all be unhappy with me. I plan on getting my pics up of all my new yarns that I got from the mill….hopefully today!

And I also got all the yarns that I had wound on a cone for me to do my weaving with. This is wonderful as I no longer have to try to unwind a skein of yarn on my feet!!

Yarn on a Cone


I now have no reason to procrastinate once I find some time to breathe!

Lambing emergency

baby lamikins!


What have I been up to recently? well it is time that I start blogging on a regular basis as I can’t seem to keep up with remembering what happened since the last time.

We went to Scotland for Christmas and Hogmany. Had a lovely time with the folks and got another great idea for an item of clothing to try weaving on the loom.

We came back in January and promptly got sick. Both of us have been down for weeks, so unlike us as we hardly ever get sick. We sorted out a lot of various things that we needed to do though as ranch life must go on.

We lost one of our new pregnant angora does..sniff..sniff..than we lost a cat..didn’t really need that one….than this week has been a nightmare. It started with Charlie not getting flight details for his travel to Africa on Monday. So Tuesday he was all pins and needles while we waited to see if his office people would get their act together. He had emailed them and called them on Monday to which they had ignored him. On Tuesday, we got a phone call and had 1 hours notice to get him to the airport for his flights to Africa. thanks a lot!

while I was finishing up the last of the chores, I noticed Brown mama was down. She is a merino/rambulette cross ewe that had been heavy with lambs and walking splayed legged for days. she did get up a little bit later but her back legs were shaking. So I hurried him to the airport and got back to the ranch. she was up, but that evening she layed down as if she was resting and never really got back up again. she did try a couple of times the next day, but would take about 2 steps and fall. She appeared to go into labor but was not stressed, so I was checking her every 99 min..that was the most that my kitchen timer would do..ahah all of Wednesday and got nowhere. no lambs. on Thursday I was starting to panic as I had not been able to get the vet out on Wednesday (I had no sleep for days) and my friends couldn’t get here as some were lambing or kidding as well..than one came rushing from Pueblo. He was with her for 5 min and said that her cervix was closed and we had to get her to the vet for a csection. We could hardly move her, this is one big sheep! but we did get her in the truck to rush down the mountain and we ended up having to do a c section that basically cuts the lambs out and than euthanizes her. it was not pretty. she only had maybe a 20% chance of even surviving the surgery so we didn’t stress her any further. She had been down too long.

I now have a ram and ewe lamb to feed round the clock and don’t really have my dairy goats in milk. I also have 3 more merinos that are rather heavy with lambs but no one has lambed yet. what a week.

With all of this, I have not done any weaving but I did get all my yarns from the mill yesterday. I am hoping to get most of the new yarns posted in the shop for sale and hope to be able to do some weaving or something soon. life of a rancher. ahahah

9 Year Anniversary!!

Today is my 9th anniversary of being married…to my husband!!  good thing that it is to him, otherwise he might be confused.  However, he is on his blasted boat again and I am alone.  Well, if you count all the critters I suppose not REALLY alone. hahah  BJ says that it is good that he was with me on the most important one..the getting married one…or there wouldn’t be any anniversary..she has a point!

Ok I am back. had to rescue my “fried bread sandwich” as my husband calls my grilled ham and cheese.  Not feeling the best today, sore throat, beginnings of a head ache, bags under my eye..or rather my bags have luggage and they are over their luggage limit.  and my neck hurts where my ear tubes are under the surface.  Been fighting for weeks now that I have gold fish swimming in my ears… it is what I call when I move and my head sloshes.  normally it is only there, not really any sinus stuff.  But it can be interesting when I get dizzy, try falling over in the barn yard because you cock your head a little in any direction!  almost fell into the trough!

I have been weaving so much these days.  I have all my things up now on our shop except raw fleeces, and clean rovings.  starting on some of the rovings today.  you can see a link to the right of my postings for the Etsy shop.  We are listed as albaranch ….go check us out and buy something.  I have had rather good luck selling things there, loads better than awful ebay.  they suck with all their new policies.  Unfortunately I sill have all my belly dancing things to sell, maybe I will sell them in the local shopper, probably be cheaper than ebay.

Been so focused on getting the art up on that I have forgone sleep a lot these days.  Sleep is overrated you know.  it is a major inconvenience when I am in the middle of something, and than I just ignore and find myself face down on the computer.  Blast!

I think my next weaving with be with a yarn that I have not tried nor do I have any critters of these variety out in the barnyard.  Romney/CVM cross. it has a nice soft handle to it with a lot of loft, not all that dissimilar to my merino, just not as soft.  so we will see.  I have some merino off at the mill being processed as we speak.  they are going to be doing merino for me for the first time, and than doing some in blends with mohair and alpaca as well.  so will be really interesting to see what we get back.

Found a new seamstress as well.  She has some of my favourite items, the lining disintegrated on my favourite Cerise skirt, so she is putting a new one in.  I hope that she does well as I really miss my skirt.  funny how you get attached to an item like that.  Well I should go do the morning chores, since I maybe starting them before 2 pm today, I am doing much better than last night which was more like 6 pm.  Morning chores.  Denise asks me why I don’t just call them chores as I only have to do them once a day and I said I call them MORNING chores just for her. 🙂

A weave a way a weave away…in the jungle, the mighty….

All my weaving equipment has been ordered and should arrive next week.  I have my kid mohair yarn back from mill and another mill has some Lincoln, Wensleydale, CVM and a sample of Sammi’s kid mohair all to be spun up into yarn.  I will be able to do some weaving here shortly and this will be fun.  I ordered some books as well that will show me how to make various things.  I am considering scarves, placemats, napkins, towels, rugs, wall hangings, blankets, throws, skirts, capes, ponchos, hats, purses, pillow covers to name just a few things.  that might kepe me busy for a while.

On a grand note,  Bob was able to fix my antique stove today. wahoo!! and I now have a kindler that works again and all the knobs have been greased so they are not seizing up.  I spent hours cleaning it out, inside and out and there was an amazing amount of GUNK in there.  I have no idea how clean it may or may not have been when we first got it, but if it had been all clean, it has certainly gotten very dirty in the last couple of years.  Since it is now fixed, I see no reason for us to purchase another stove when we build our house as this one will work wonderful in it.  Well there is the reason that I just WANT the other stove from England, but it is really expensive and frankly what we have will do the job as good or better.  And it only cost about $300 or $400.  I can’t remember which.  for us to be able to use the other stove, we need to buy two for winter and one for summer so that cost would be about $13,000.  hmmmm….I think my wee little stove is the better deal. 🙂

I have been baking a lot of pies recently and also made some jam with some of the rhubarb that I grew in tubs outside.  I noticed the other day that the rhubarb is getting big again, so I think that some jams and pies will be in order this month again.

The new herding dog, Todd, has been working our sheep and goats..breaking them in a bit so that they are more respectful of a border collie.  I tried Abbey on them the other day, but she would not herd. she only had eyes for the blasted chickens.  NOT the chickens Abbey, get the sheep and the goats!!

I am considering rejoining the land of living…..

I can not believe how long it has been since I have blogged. I also can hardly remember what has happened in the last year.

Over the last 2.5 years that I have been back in the USA in Colorado working on trying to do our homestead, there has been an unbelievable amount of snags that have hit. 4 court cases with our supposed builder. 3 directly with him that we won and one that was against us because of him which we lost. We have finally recovered that money which pays us back for the one law suit that we lost that was against our land because of him, and paid us back for the car we never got from him and the other two cases effectively paid for our legal fees to do all this. So we are essentially still in the hole the $30,000 that he stole originally and all the damage to our land.

I wanted to sell the land and move to a different part of Colorado, a different county entirely. OR I wanted to sell and move back to Scotland. I had begun to hate our land, hate Colorado, and hate the HOA and everything around me. Well I don’t want to be like that and have made a decision to stay here, make peace with the land and hopefully the HOA and myself as well.

To that end, we had our HOA meeting yesterday and there are 2 of the 3 board members are new. I had an opportunity to speak with the 2 new ones, as well as listen to them in the meeting and was pleasantly surprised that they seem like reasonable REAL people. I thought everyone that was on the board of a HOA had to be a bit crackers!! 😉 So to that end, we shared our protest site to them and if they like it, we plan on taking the protest info off and maybe being the web master and mistress of the HOA site. at least that was what I was proposing and volunteering hubby and self for. Since that time, I did actually tell hubby about it and he has agreed. Good thing I know my husband’s mind and can make it up for him before he knows about it 😆 I do hope that they like it and that we can host the site and render the protest site obsolete as I do believe that the only way to make an HOA work is for folks to be involved and work together. The new board seems to want to work with the people in the HOA rather than control them, patronize them, and talk down to them. This sincerely warms my heart. I feel that part of my road to recovering from the lost of our original dream is to heal this riff and create a new dream and to that end, I think this website could be a great part of the package. I am actually excited about the prospect of being able to contribute to the HOA in this manner when previously all I thought of them was good target practice with my new gun ❗

We have also decided to completely throw out or old house designs, and dream up new ones that work with the site the way that it is as that was another thing that the builder did. He destroyed our house site, did it his way where he wanted it and even with that only half ass did it so there was a large amount of remedial work to be done. We have had a new excavator in that has been a life saver to our property and has fixed it as best as it can ever be done. So we have come up with a new house design that I just love, as it incorporates solar passive heat design, high thermal mass and can be done by one or two inexperienced folks like hubby and myself. so that is on the board to finish those new drawings which are half done and turn them in for approval with the HOA and than get busy in the spring. The next few years with this building might mean only a blog or two again. haha kidding, going to try to be here more. I have decided to cut back from my one career which is my massage to only one day a week effective the first of September. I am going to give it until the end of the year at the one day a week before deciding if I want to come back more or not. at the moment I am too tired to really be able to decide and after a few weeks of deliberation, have decided that the reason that I can’t decide is that I am NOT supposed to decide right and can’t because I am still too tired. In reality, the only thing that has changed in the last two weeks is that I have had a different mind set. I have however still been at the office at least three days per week. so my partner and I have decided that other than ONE day literally a week, where we trade massages for each other and I do other clients that I will not go to work. I will stop my synergy treatments for the next month and restart in October. I am stuck on a plateau with the treatments anyways, and need a break so that my body can reset and that will stop me going to work two more days a week.

What will I do with this time? I think I may go to the mountains. I have so much work that needs to be done on the ranch before winter with securing pens, finishing the water lines for winter and insulating things, and securing more panels and gates and sorting out all the fleece and getting it ready to send off to the mill and using the bad fleece for insulation and order my new loom and start weaving again….that I can more than fill ONE month. 😯 I am going to go on an herb walk in Guffey at the beginning of September. I have always wanted to get into herbs and such much more and this might be a good introduction for me to get my feet wet and see what I think of it. Also I get to meet a local herbalist that will be conducting the tour. I have started to get into herding with the border collies, another of the things on my list for years and have met numerous people with that. There is supposed to be a herding seminar locally done by Carol Lucero in September that I am looking forward to as well so that I may also learn more and meet more local herding folks. I have just picked up a bunch of sheep with a different type of wool so that will be great to work with and I managed to get my sheep lady to sell me her old merino gals that I buy their fleece from her each year. Now I will just care for them their least 3-4 years here, and raise a few of their daughters for my future fleece growing. I got my first batch of kid mohair yarn back from the mill last month and it is to die for. so I am going to add another one or two angoras as I had always planned on keeping about 3-4 of them. I had 3, but one was recently killed so that only leaves me one old gal and her wether grandson. I have added in some wonderfully new Nubian does for milk and have been playing with making some soft cheeses. That has been a total great time, and now I want to start to progress into more hard cheeses, and maybe some butter and yogurts. I still want to make goat milk soap but still a bit scared of the lye. Have to work through that.

I have recently found out also that the Natural Animal Centre in the UK has started to do their Bach Flower Remedy animal courses in the USA. They held them last year in Boston. I am waiting to hear from them the dates and times and location, to see if I might be able to do the three courses this next year. I also saw that they have been busy writing some more books specifically for animals, dogs and cats, as all their books originally were aimed at horses and ponies. I had ordered the books and am awaiting their arrival. I plan on still finishing my intuitive crystal healing diploma, and doing the animal BFR courses. I want to continue with my therapies but be more herbal, and more animal focuses so that it can be done from the ranch and not require going to town with an office ect. I know that many BFR do phone consults for both animals and people. I am hoping to do some advertising and go that way a bit. It will not grow fast as there will be resistance to this locally, but the adverts are to reach the folks that would be interested that may be a few hours from me, more like Denver and Boulder. There is nothing to say that I can not be a travelling BFR animal person 1 or 2 times per month, with the rest of the time doing things via phone or they come to me.

I stopped in last week to my belly dancing group and confirmed they were still there and the times. I want to go back to that and can probalby start in September as this next week I am in the office all day that day as my partner is on vacation. so belly dancing, sheep and goat herding, herbal work, Bach Flower Remedies for animals, sorting and processing fleece, starting to weave again, crocheting again, felting again, making hard and soft cheeses, and maybe even getting around to making some goat milk soap…along with winterizing the ranch, finishing pens, reinforcing fences, finishing the water lines, insulating, and general ranch work…I think that I can stay busy without being in an office. 😯 In Fact, I am very much looking forward to this all. And to think that I have done all this research and starting of things just in the last two weeks. 😆

Where or where has my little dog gone…..

Ok so it has been almost a year since I have wrote in here. 1. I forgot I had a blog. 2. I forgot where it was. 3. I certainly forgot how to log in. 4. I hadn’t read my husband’s or my mother in laws blogs in almost a year… 5. refer to points 1-3 to explain point 4. so I think I might have been dutifully shamed into putting a blog in here. My mother in law scolds my husband when he doesn’t write in his blog, but she never says anything to me. Husband said would you write in it if she did scold you? and I asked why and he said well if you would than I will tell her so that she can scold you. hmmm….course she hasn’t written in hers for several months so with this, SHE is the one that is behind now not me. 😯

where do I start? well the home owners association are still jerks, so no change there.

I have 3 llamas, and 15 goats now, with 4 goats that are sold but still residing here as 3 llamas that I have bought have not made it here yet. One had an injured foot that I have been told tonight has an abscess, so will wait to get the email explaining it all. been negotiating the purchase or our starter Highland cow herd. they won’t be arriving until end of January. have about 100 ft or less of the fence to finish so not 100% sure where they will be put but I think I have it worked out. will be tight quarters until we can get that little bit finished off.

have had snow storms already. about 6 inches of snow a month ago and in the last 10 days about another 18 inches accumulation so probably almost 2 ft total for this year so far and it is only mid December. who knows what this winter will hold?

we need to finish that fencing to make it more comfortable for the critters, and had the home owners gotten their fingers out and not been a pain and responded to our request timely instead of making us wait three weeks to say yes…well I would have had that last little bit finished off and it all closed in. we were set to do a massive push to finish that last bit and close the fence on last Friday and Saturday and the blizzard hit and snowed almost nonstop for about 3 days. so no fence and it is all the home owners associations no change there!! 👿

Went to court last week against Brian the builder. he lost as he didn’t have enough courtesy to show up. so that cost him about $7700 or so. that will teach him. so off now to file the second suite against him shortly.

The man that bought our bronco that we had to take to court to sue to get him to make his payments died a couple of days ago. so we will see if his widow will continue with the responsibility or if she will force us to have to pursue other means to recoup our money. I hope that she pays the small payments and just continues to enjoy the vehicle. I really do not want to have to pursue legal action against her, both because of her recent lost but also because she was a past co-worker.

Been considering some more re constructive work on this body. since it has been almost FIVE years since my WLS surgery, I have not gained any weight since I lost it except in the last 3 months. I have been maybe a touch less active but my eating hasn’t really changed yet i have gained some weight. not a massive amount, but at least 7 pds or so and I can’t seem to shift them and feel like I am struggling to not put on even more. BJ thinks that my body is changing as I seem to be having more difficulties with my sugar and even small things like a bit of bread and some potato soup put me into a sugar rise and crash. thankfully I have found out that a wee pinch of cinnamon under the tongue regulates blood insulin in a very short time, something that all doctors SHOULD tell their patients and probably never bother to. I had never heard that before. This time we are considering having my chest done. it has become increasingly more obvious over the last year that I can not continue as I am now as it is beginning to interfere in my work and life. I have had over a year to wrap my mind around the last doctors statements in our consultation that I will need implants and it is still not sitting the most comfortable with me, but I am coming to understand that he is right if I like it or not!! I have also had a wee bit of a scare but not sure about a possible recurrence of my hernia. we still do not know if I just pulled muscles or if I have the start of a new hernia. Dr BJ is still trying to figure it out for sure as if I do have one it is very small.

it is however, right in the location of where I want to put a tattoo, so i am holding off on that one for a while to see what happens as i don’t want to have one and than have to have it cut later on. that would just ruin it. I never thought I would ever consider let alone have my belly button pierced or have it tattooed. course up til 5 years ago, I couldn’t even SEE my belly button so I guess that changes everything.

BJ has a new puppy. He is a red and white border collie named SAM. Chloe hates him. she bit him the first time that she saw him and than proceeded to turn around in the seat with her back to Sam and I, put her nose in the air and refused to speak to either of us. what a spoiled quine!. Rowan the horse, Anatolian and Pyrenees cross, has studiously taken to learning his new role as HOUSE dog! it is rather comical to see a dog that has to be well over 100 pds lying on his back with all his feet in the arm, singing and playing with a tiny little squeak toy. than when he decides to crawl up on my husband’s lap and pretend that he is a yorkie lap dog, well that one is beyond unbelievable. I can’t figure out which is funnier. Watching Rowan try to “curl up” in husband’s lap while actually taking up the entire settee, or husband asking if his legs going numb is a bad sign? and with having such a LARGE puppy, we do not have to worry about leftovers as anything left on the counter is generally gone faster than you can remember that you left it there as his nose is counter level and that would explain where the croisant from this morning’s breakfast went!! 😆

Anyways, I can not possibly put everything in one year into one blog entry but I am tired and it is getting time to settle in front of the settee so off I will go and maybe I will write again before next year 😉