ArtPrize entries are almost complete!

Bits and Bobs drying on the mannie

My ArtPrize Entry is almost completed. I am working on the last few bits, but here is a photo of the main piece when it was drying on the Mannie in the garden and still wet.

The jacket has 6 woven panels 20 in wide by 30 in long hot off the loom. I crocheted the panels together to make the jacket and fulled it to tighten all the weaves and crochet. It is made up of all the “Bits and Bobs” that I get of yummy fiber here and there for various parties, spinfests, rock days, distaff days ect. I would say the bulk of the yarn, hand spun by me, is merino and angora. I love my bunnies!! I have a bag that is also woven mostly from alpaca, merino and angora that will be part of this as well. I am currently working on spinning the merino wool to make a skirt to match. I am not certain if this will be completed for the contest but I am hoping it will be and also for the 9th Annual Wearable Fashion Show and Boutique for the Heart of Colorado Fiber Guild in October. I would like to enter the complete outfit in both shows.

Charlie has been hard at work on his entry for ArtPrize as well. You can see a lot more details of his entry on his own web blog, but I have included a lovely shot of the four panels hung more or less how they will be for the show.

A Year in a Day

Charlie’s entry is called A Year in a Day.

What do you think of the entries so far?

Alba Ranch has cut the Etsy Ties.

Yes, Alba Ranch is officially off etsy as a selling venue.  after a 9 day fight, begging to have my shop closed as I am not the master of my own destiny there, it is finally done.  you can still find my name, you can still find my logo, you can still see my feedback and well at least they deleted my credit card supposedly.

I am over joyed, excited, beyond the moon, happy as a clam, estatic and to show it I am having a big sale on in my ArtFire shop.

Use the code ARTFIRE ROCKS to get your 25% off orders over $77.  why $77?  I just liked that number.  do I need any other reason? haha

come get that item you have just been dying to, free free free FREE AT last!!

Belly Dancing Greats

I have seen some great You Tube videos online recently of various belly dancers and I wanted to get them all in one place. so here are some of the links:

1. Sera Solstice: Tribal Fest 09 Solo

2. Fusion Egyptian Dance King Tutankhamen in a Modern Vision

3. “Dynamic Drum Solo With Sadie” – Complete Choreography

4. Kaya & Sadie

5. Sadie Belly Dance 2008

6. Sadie Belly Dance

7. Sadie Marquardt – Belly Dance

8. Sadie belly dance with Eliran Edri Amar.flv

9. 1st place in competition “Queen of the Pyramid” 2010.

10. Sadie’s Bellydance new performance 2011 by ABRAR BHATTI

11. Belly Dance With Sadie (11 Sadie 2)

These are just a few of my favorites. what do you think?


Alba Ranch has moved.  We are now located here at

What do you think of the new lay out of blog.  I plan to be using it more and it is linked with my artfire shop, which is linked to this blog,, my face book fan page and my twitter account.  You can find me at all these locations by clicking on my fancy new buttons, banners, badges and widgets located up and down the sides of this blog.

I didn’t even know what a widget was?? any relation to a Giget?  oh I am dating myself, aren’t I?

Will check in more later but wanted to get this notice up quickly so that no one lost Alba Ranch.  There is a lot of snow and I did tie a rope to the door handle but you never know. 🙂  So for all those spinners, weavers, knitters, crocheters, and felters out there, have no fear.  Alba Ranch is HERE!