Chanel had her kits

Chanel, the French Satin Angora rabbit, just had her babies. I think I counted 9 babies as they were squirm monsters. For her, she is slacking as she usually gives me 11 babies. but she is making up for it in sarcasm, snark and growl.

She took her water dish when I was feeding and watering and pulled it out and dumped it. Then she stood there looking at me growling and daring me. Is that the rabbit equivalent of throwing a bed pan at the nurse? hmmm…she got a smack on the end of the noise and a stern no, knock it off as I put the dish back and refilled it.

Guess I suck as a labor and delivery nurse, or is that post pardem nurse? either way that is 9 more fur making machines….

What are your thoughts?

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