Cheeseburger Au Gratin

Today I am going to make Cheeseburger Au Gratin. What is that? well not entirely sure as I have not created it yet but I think it will be like this. Fingerling potatoes chopped to bite size and lightly boiled, chopped onions and garlic sauteed in with mince (that is hamburger for you USA people), then said mince with veggies put in casserole dish with potatoes, heavy whipping cream, flour, salt pepper, goats milk, all baked in my casserole dish. Sounds like Cheeseburger Au Gratin to me.

I forgot that it will have some sharp cheddar cheese put on top and baked for an extra 10 min to melt it at the end right before serving.

Charlie keeps making fun of my Cheeseburger Au Gratin as he said it is cheesy potoates and mince and I just gave it a pretenious name. hmmm…but it is au gratin potatoes with the other stuff added so he is just wrong!

What are your thoughts?

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