Europe-Scarf of Many Countries…

Europe 1
European Handspun Yarn

I have just listed Europe-Scarf of Many Countries!  You can see the listing with even more pictures HERE.   What do you think of it?  Leave me your comments below as this was a total experiment and is the first ever scarf that I 100% hand spun, than hand wove as well as it was the first time I had spun Angora.  There is English Angora, French Angora, and German Angora in the scarf as well as Merino.  Europe-Scarf of Many Countries!!

I also listed my lovely Christmas RED tonight.  This was so much fun to spin, than to ply and than to hand dye with Kool Aid to get this SMACK in your face RED!!!  I love this colour and can’t stop looking at the photos.  What do you think of this one?

Christmas Red 4
Christmas Red Handspun Yarn

I think the colour is just vivid and really have enjoyed this yarn.  I think that I may be going to do even more hand dying of yarns in vibrant wild colours.  What fun!

If you want to see the listing with even more photos, you can see it HERE.

I also listed another of the 2ply chunky merino yarns like I did last week.  That listing is HERE.

so what do you think of my new listings?

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