February 1, 2003

Dvd player did not come again. surprise! nor did the other order so no dog food. very cold today. freezing. finished the two massage reports, the operational plan, the reserach plan, and the business plan and all the bits with it. all done except one quesiton that i will get sorted first thing monday morning. so will be handing those all in. quite a bit of work accomplished this week. wow! now to study for this big test on monday. will start later tongiht and all day tomrorow. hope that is enough becuase it is all the time that I have left. accomplished alot of things here in the house recently too. bought time I found some motivation. now for it to spread to my exercise regime. okok…so that may take some time. but you do have to start somewhere. nice feeling of accomplishemnt with everything done. hope that I will have some good news soon about my date being moved up for surgery. feel somewhat positive since one of the first things that I had to get done was all this school work, which is basically done now. so that is one big thing out of the way. soon everything will fall into place. looking forward to being on the LOSING side. have a list made out already with all the prices, size that I want to be, colours, and stock numbers of the start of my new wardrobe. nothing like being organized and ready. but then organization and planning is my forte. it is follow through that can be my weakness. That is the cool thing about the op, it forces you to follow through like it or not. been day dreaming lately about what I will feel like, the things that i will be able to do, the new things that i will do, the old things that i haven’t been able to do in ages, and mostly about the SHOPPING!! that one is top on my list. was watching the fashion channel the last few days..mmmmm..soon I will be wearing cool clothes again. I so love clothes and shopping. yahoo. can’t wait. hurry hurry hurry. dazzle PS. i am sure when my husband reads my journal his heart jumps when he sees that I already have a list made out for new clothes and have been watching the fashion channel. can’t wait to shop…….shop…and shop some more hehehe

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