February 12, 2003

I have managed to stay away from wheat now for a bit…not sure how long, but I would say at least 4 day. haven’t had any cheesecake for longer than that. withdrawals…ahhaha I have been going back a bit more towards a higher protein diet and less carbs. still having some carbs, just not as much and when i do they are better quality rather than my favorites like chocolate or cheesecake. having said that I did have a bit of Chambord tonight. but only a bit. no news on the settee yet. nothing much else. just finishing up my case studies and have my last test to study for. been nice weather here lately, thinking about maybe going for a walk tomorrow while the good weather lasts. we have been having clear sunny days without rain and even a bit of warmth. so tomorrow I think I will definitly go for a walk.

What are your thoughts?

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