February 15, 2003

My neck is bothering me so much I can barely move, stand, or turn my head. been coming on for days, but it is really bad now. On a good note though, I went to the store to buy some groceries earlier before the neck got so bad that it retricited my movement to the point that it would have been dangerous to drive, and I wore my hiking boots with my inserts in them. I did have some of the new back pain, but not as severe and not as quickly. I was able to stand and walk longer before it started to bother me. that is good. course when I was at the store I did buy some things that I probably should not have. chocolate, ice cream, and for some reason wanted some cod and scampi. weird mix. but the seafood was breaded with wheat, haven’t had any for about a week or so. will be interesting to see how it and the chocolate reacted in me. oh and got some balieys, but did not drink any or eat any of the ice cream. just scampi and chocolate. weird craving. did get a bit of studying done today. had hoped for more, but every time that I tried to study I would fall asleep. wonder if that is a reflection on the material? 😆 😆

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