February 2, 2004

I expieremented last week with not taking one of my diurectics one day to see what happened and I immediately gained about 2.2 pds over night with my hands all swollen and not able to move or take my rings off as well as what I was intaking water wise was not coming out. It was strange how drastic the difference with only one day and I know that I will not be on the diuretics permanently. I have anohter month of them and that is it. Anyways, I went back on them but still gained another pd the day after so i had totally gained 3.2 pds of the 4.2 that I had lost in a matter of two days. I have struggled for a while to try to get it back down and it is coming slowly but I do believe that I have been eating more since being home. Neither Chaz nor I had much of an appetite with the high altitude while in Colorado. Also we have not been as active either as we were when in Colorado. But that is still a big weight gain in just a few days. Today I had a total of 131.6 pds off so you can still see that I am up from the day that I got home last week. Looking back til the last date that we did my measurements which was the 2 of December, I realized that it had been exactly two months. So with my measurements today I have lost a total of 16 inches over various parts of my body in the last two months and have lost a total of 17.2 pds in the last two months. I looked at the 6-8 weeks prior to that and only lost 15 pds and even less inches, so I would say that I am still doing well. It has been harder to see that since my weight loss is starting to slow down and with the ups and downs constantly with the water retention it has been easy to forget that the end results have still been down. My test results have came in for the new things, and I have a bog standard bacterial infection which would account for the bleeding and pain during sex. Still confused as to why my periods were every three weeks for a few months there, but this one was exactly four weeks. so maybe it is calming down. Still also confused as to why the water retention. going to try some herbal remedies for the water retention her soon and see how that goes. 😯

What are your thoughts?

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