February 20, 2003

Well there are a couple of things to write about today. 1. neck and this God awful pain. I have had acupunture and been stuck full of needles. I have done some reflexology. I have had massages. I have had a bit of pulling like traction. I have done excerciese, I had had heat on it. I have sat still and tried not to breathe or move. I have tried a couple of different pain killers in different strenghts. I have had Reiki and it still bloody hurt! I know that everyone knows what a little neck pain is like, but when it is this excrutiating it takes over your life. everything is a big task. I have had to ask for help to pack my groceries and carry them out. than it takes me a half hour or more to put them away. have to rest in between. chore and painful to get dressed. every tried brushing your hair when you can’t even lift your arm? have to see the physio again tomrrow. it is better during the day. I do have about 90-95% of my mobility back, but the pain isn’t going away. it gets almost unbearable at night. I can’t sleep more than a couple of hours and then back up on the comptuer trying to loosen it up with movement and it does get better, than I go back to bed for another hour or two of sleep. I did manage about 4 hours of drug induced sleep last night but could barely move when I woke up. maybe the physio tomrorow will have a better idea why I can’t move at night but it is so much better during the day. 2. I am done. finished. finito. terminda. done done done done done done.YAHOO!!!!! WHOPPEEEE!!! YIPPEE SKIPPY!!!! oh in case you don’t have a clue what I am talking about I am referring to my course. took the last test today that was no way ready for and did much better than I thought. teensy bit of remedation and everything turned in. done. done. done.done. yahooooooooooo!!!!!! 3. now I can get on with the more important things in life like go shopping and have a day at the movies.

What are your thoughts?

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